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How to Appeal for Disabled AdSense Account in 2022 : AdSense Invalid Clicks

How to re-enable your AdSense Disabled Account Due to Invalid Activity & Invalid Clicks in 2022. How to get AdSense Account due to Invalid Clicks and How to re-instate your AdSense Account in 2022. These ways to get your AdSense re-instated in 2022.


How to Re-Enable your AdSense Account or How to Apeal for Disabled AdSense Account in 2022 due to AdSense Invalid Clicks or Invalid Activities.

World’s top Digital Advertising Company Google are offers for the earn money at home or promote business at home through AdSense Account or AdWord Account. Google is a top Monetization & Business promoting platform to use anytime anywhere with the best number of Services than other Ads Networks. AdSense can approves your site in between 48 hours of remaining, and you can easily Start earnings by some organic, social & Refferal traffic on your site. If you are have any kind of Website or Blog, you can easily earn money with AdSense Account.

Google have their own policy & Term for the Users or Adword’s Advertisers to protect each to keeps the best quality business with both AdSense users and AdMob users of the website and Apps. Google can disable your AdSense, AdWord or AdMob where they seems or gets more negative experiance on a specific platforms.

In 2021, AdSense suspended, Disabled & Added Ads Limit on the many websites or Apps to Protect the Advertisers of Google. The most number of cases Google recieved reports about Self Ads Click, Invalid Quality Traffic and Invalid Clicks by each others.

Recently, Google have Banned or Disabled approximately 1 Million+ Existing or new AdSense Account for the Invalid Activity. The New Bloggers, Content Writters & Publishers are begin the earn money method with officially Google AdSense to earn.

Due to Invalid Clicks the Advertisers of Google AdWords are leaving placing promotions on the AdWord because of high loss of Promoting Business and not Benefits of Investing in Business Promotions.

The AdSense is a top way for all new and old bloggers or website owners to make money with placing advertisement on their website or blog. The most number of peoples are wants to create a new AdSense Account after the completed website’s developments and designs.

What is AdSense? AdSense is a free, simple & easy way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your site. AdSense is biggest Ads Network in world, where every new website owner and blogger can earn upto $100 per day to $100,000 per month with their Organic Traffic, Social & Refferal Traffic. The Google AdSense is approves every day new Website/Blogs to start earn with some Content Policies, Ads Violations and Ads Limits.

In this, A main issues about ‘Invalid Clicks & Invalid Activity’ are most number of peoples facing because of Invalid Traffic, Scrap Contents, Low Value Content, Promoted Website, Self Clicks, Auto page views/clicks and etc.

Due to some weeks of AdSense earning Between $10 two $100 of total balance, AdSense mostly goes sees Disabled by Google. The Mostly peoples are try about re-instate their AdSense account by Apealing, Form Filling & Following Google Policy on Disable AdSense Account.

But Unfortunately, The most number of Google AdSense account not being restarted by Google Team because of many violations related to Ads Quality and Invalid Activity. The Google Team of mostly protecting their Advertiser to make the new business campaign every day but when they (Advertisers) not get any profit from the promoting their business then how they imagine about next campaign.

How to reinstate Google AdSense account in 2022?

If you have earned some USD (United States Dollar) before your adsense account disabled, you can easily get reinstated your AdSense account due to invalid clicks activity. AdSense offers many forms for manual request and apply with some few Questions & Answers to allow upto 72 hours for the menual Google AdSense Appeal’s of applications.

The Google AdSense team will verify your traffic quality, content quality and traffic sources to re-enable your ads service again, remember their is no gurantee for the invalid Clicks AdSense accounts.

Google reviews your application from both Bot & Menual to analysis website traffic and content to get reinstated your AdSense account under Maximum 14 days of remaining.

But you have done many invalid Self clicks on Google Ads for making more money then you will loss your AdSense forever. Your IP addresses, Locations are always under track by Google AdSense where you apply with Same IP or Location then you would be not able to get any positive response from AdSense team.

You should fill the Invalid Clicks form and filll the answers related reasons of invalid Activity, why clicks happened, IP & Refferal, SelfClicks & Promotions, Traffic Generator, Click for Click, Social & Organic Traffic. The Form you should have to fill with correct answers or reasons.

The AdSense will not reinstate your Account in under some hours or days, because adsense will takes almost 100+ application from you to review your site. but many time the application goes rejected and after this its not checked by Menual.

What you should do for get re-instated your AdSense account?

You should have to follow the some rules or policy of Google AdSense to re-instate your AdSense account which we given below.

1. Focus on Website Genuine Content & Quality Traffic. 

Focus on the Genuine Traffic and Valid Traffic sources of your website or blog to re-apply for the Google AdSense for all the violation about related to Disabled Google AdSense Account due to invalid activity. This is the Best way for the AdSense Account to get re-enabled your AdSense account. Most number of website have got their AdSense back re-enabled their at least 6 months of hard and focus of Keywords, Website Organic traffic Sources.


2. Save your AdSense from VPN, Self Clicks, Invalid Traffic, Generated Traffic and Paid Promotion. 

Large amount of Blogger & Website owners are forgot about AdSense Policy on the Ads Clicks and Paid Traffic where they can loss AdSense when they all are using this illigal promotions and Clicks or traffic generating tools to reaching more traffic for earn by AdSense. perhaps, AdSense detects some Invalid and Paid Traffic Activities on any site to imposes more Strict of Ad Limit and Disable Account due to Invalid Activities.


3. Don’t Apply for Oftentimes due to a Disabled AdSense Account for re-enable.

This is the big mistake from everyone who have an Disabled AdSense account due to Invalid Clicks. We request you to not Apply oftentime for AdSense Re-enable Appeal Form to Avoid Future’s response ban on your Appeal, Gmail, Pub ID or Email Application. You Should Fill the Appeal Form in same gaps of time in between 1 month to 2 month when Google Will replay about your Appeal. and if you appeals more and more time, it will be under pending for at least 6 month where you unable to get a any response from AdSense about your AdSense account Appeal form.

So finally, These steps you should have to follow for get your  AdSense back in Some Days of time. Otherwise you if you does any kind of mistake from these you might be banned forver on the AdSense Program. 

Thank you!

Written By RKM

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