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BlackRock investing in Tesla amid biggest Crash in History of Elon Musk’s Company : Tesla Stocks

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Recently, since the year 2022 and the beginning of Ukraine Russia War, the stocks of Elon Musk’s top company Tesla have been continuously falling. Along with this, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine are still going on because of this war. Apart from the Middle East, American Tesla investors have also continuously sold shares after Elon Musk. Because of the geopolitical and war challenges going on first in Russia, Ukraine and now in Israel and the Middle East, along with Tesla, the stocks of many top US companies are also falling continuously. It is said that after Elon Musk recently sold some shares of SpaceX and Tesla, there has been a huge decline in the market cap of Tesla and SpaceX. Due to this, Tesla’s early $Tesla stockholders like BlackRock, Vanguard, Jb Straubel, and Robyn Denholm are also investing in Tesla stock. That being said, now top investing firms and asset management like Arch Investments are also trying to buy Tesla’s stock.

Top assets management firms investing $TSLA, Tesla Stock Price Prediction of 2025?

Now in the future, it is believed that the holders of $ARKK will also become the biggest partners of $TSLA, which will not only bring money to Elon Musk and ARK Investment but Tesla’s stock price could go up to $250 USD in the coming few months. However, for now, Elon Musk is more focused on Twitter/X than Tesla because Elon Musk is generating billions of USD in revenue but in the future Elon Musk will now buy back Tesla Stocks. Because if not today then tomorrow Elon Musk will need to buy Tesla stocks again, which is also very important. But for now, the stock value or market cap of Tesla company is around $500b which last time Tesla’s total value reached an all-time high at around $1 trillion. But now due to all this, BlackRock, Ark Investing, and Vanguard will also buy more shares of Tesla stock. For now, Elon Musk is behind Tesla’s market cap taking it to a time low but if Elon Musk thinks about the future of Tesla then he can invest almost $10 Billion in TSLA stock. But now if we look at the future of Tesla Electric Vehicle, it will be quite bright if Elon Musk again approves new investments.

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