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These Countries may have nuclear weapons by 2030, Russia, China, and Iran aid to Africa : France Vs Africa

Top 10 new countries to have nuclear weapons by 2030, War in Africa and South America, NATI Vs Russia War, Top 10 coutries to develop Nuclear Weapons by 2030. Uranium, Gold, Radioactive chemicals, Refined petroleum, and thorium ore rise in 2030. African Union will developer Nuclear Programs with Russia and China.


Recently, Niger and Putin are now going to become closer to each other in uranium, trade, defense, and science. Currently, Russia and Niger’s close collaboration with African Union and France’s withdrawal from Africa could be quite profitable for the world’s economy, defense and nuclear developments. Because it is being said that in future we can run our operations in Africa along with France and US. The aim will be to somehow prevent Russia and China from providing nuclear technology to Niger in Africa. For now, making allies of that government and Russia on Uranium and African resources can affect the prices of Uranium energy elsewhere in Europe and America. Even now France wants to somehow return to Africa because after the killing of other European Troops in Africa. a huge opportunity has been created in the hands of Putin and Anti-NATO and Anti-US countries in Uranium, Gold, Radioactive chemicals, Refined petroleum, and thorium ore. But now, if Niger gets closer to Russia and continuously comes forward against the Western World, then there is a possibility of a war between Africa and NATO, if not today then tomorrow.

Top 10 new countries to have nuclear weapons by 2030, War in Africa and South America.

Currently, there are top 10 countries that will soon make Nuclear Weapons in the future or have already made nuclearpowered ones due to the RussiaAmerica Cold War. At the top of this list are Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mexico, and Australia, some of whom can make nuclear weapons in the future, some by joining forces with NATO and the US, some by joining with China and Russia. Currently, Putin’s power has increased in many countries of the African Union like Burkina Faso, Niger, and Nigeria. many countries believe that in the future if there is a war with NATORussia then after Iran Russia will become Burkina Faso, Niger, and Countries like Venezuela can give Nuclear Technology. Now Russia is eyeing South America, Africa, and Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and many African countries where Putin can use its relationship against anti-US and anti-NATO. On the other hand, Israel, NATO, and the US are no less who can make nuclear deals with Central Africa, Turkey, Poland, Guyana, Ukraine, and pro-American countries.

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