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Hamas expanding fighters and arms in Gaza during the Israeli invasion in Rafah : Israel Hamas war

Why will Israel Strike on Sinai in Egypt, Israel Vs Rafah War, and Why Hamas Buying Strategic Weapons from Iran and Russia?, Netanyahu Arrest Warrant, ICC and ICJ action against Israel. Israeli invasion in Rafah.


Currently, Israel has stepped up its military operation at the Rafah crossing, which will lead to a lot of debate regarding humanitarian aid, defense, regional security, and Hamas. Due to this, now the world’s top countries may have to put pressure on Israel regarding the US, UNSC, ICC, ICJ, Iran, Hamas, and Palestine in the Middle East. Currently, due to Israel raising its flag, tanks, and ground offensive on Rafah Crossing, in the future, Israel and Hamas can launch a major war near Egypt. However, due to Israeli action on Rafah, Egypt has started preparing its Tanks, Airforce, and Missiles because Egypt feels that in the future Israel can forward the action on Rafah as well as in the Sinai region. Recently Qatar, Egypt, and Israel have not been able to come up with any complete solutions regarding Gaza. Because of the way the action is going now, it seems that Israel wants another ‘Six Day‘ war but if this time Israel attacks the Sinai Region also then this war will continue with Egypt. But at present Hamas is also preparing a plan from its side under the pretext that Israel is striking the Palestinians but Hamas is appearing to be strong in other parts of North and Central Gaza.

Why will Israel Strike on Sinai in Egypt, Israel Vs Rafah War, and Why Hamas Buying Strategic Weapons from Iran and Russia?

Although Israel is for now increasing its military operation on Rafah, it seems that Israeli forces want to give Hamas a new opportunity in North and Southern Gaza. Because Israel’s ceasefire, hostage, and peace deal offers were ignored by Hamas. Because Israel wanted the war to stop, Hamas did not give that much importance to the ceasefire deal, hence Israel had to attack Rafah, but at the same time, Israel is also evacuating the people of Rafah. Some time ago, Israel also talked with Egypt about taking Palestinians so that in the future they would be allowed to live outside Egypt, but the Egyptian government has also closed the borders for Palestinians. For this reason, Israel now wants the Palestinians to be sent from Rafah to North and Southern Gaza so that they do not suffer any kind of loss in the future. Launching the operation on Rafah means Egypt, Hamas, ICC, and Israel’s relations can fall on their own in every way. But now the way Israel has started the operation in Rafah, it seems that ICC, ICJ, and Iran will get a new opportunity for Sanctions against Israel, and a Netanyahu arrest warrant. Because Hamas is still fighting Israel, which means that Israel has not yet been able to eliminate Hamas.

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