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OIC and BRICS countries to Impose Sanctions on Israel Over ‘War Crimes’ : Israel Gaza war

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Recently, due to the ongoing war between Gaza and Israel, a new update has come out which suggests that in the future a new rift may open between Israel and the Arab countries. Because it is believed that if no solution is found for Israel and Gaza under ICC, ICJ, and International laws then in the future the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will be preparing to impose sanctions on Israel. Because now Saudi-led coalition (OIC) is now fully strengthening its ties with China, Russia, Iraq, Qatar, and the Islamic world to impose sanctions on Israel. If Israel and OIC countries completely end the boycott, sanctions, and economic ties on Israel, then Israel may suffer the biggest loss in the future due to which there will be big problems for Israel’s Defense, Economy, Finance, and Wealth Funds. So, it is believed that in the future, Iran, China, and Russia may play a bigger role in the relations between Israel and the Arabs, due to which the presence of the US and Israel may be greatly affected in the future. Although US military presence is still present in the Middle East, it seems that in the future. if relations between Israel and Arabs worsen, then US foreign policy will suffer more due to which it is believed that in future there will be peace between the US and Iran during the ceasefire.

Why Will OIC, Islamic World, and BRICS Impose sanctions on Israel?

Actually, due to the Israel and Gaza war, no special relations are being maintained between Arab-Israeli now. Due to this, even normalization between ArabIsrael may take many years. But currently, due to the ongoing war between Hezbollah, Hamas, and Israel, it does not seem that Arabs have any option to establish relations with Israel again. Because if Israel and the Arabs established their relations, then the anger of the civilians of the Middle East may increase further in the future. Because the people of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and all the Islamic and non-Islamic countries of the world are supporting Palestine and Gaza for now. Because of this, it may take several years to improve relations between Israel and Arabs because now it is not so easy to normalize with Israel. So in the future, OIC, Islamic World, and BRICS countries can put pressure on the US and European countries to end relations with Israel by imposing sanctions on Israel. But now OIC and the Muslim countries want to end all ties with Israel by putting pressure on Saudi Arabia.

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