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Middle East Investing Pakistan’s Spaces Programs of 2025 : Pakistan iCube-Q

Why Middle East, Europe, and Islamic Countries invest in Pakistan’s Space program, science, and technology?, Pakistan moon Mission, top moon mission of 2024, Pakistan iCube-Q.


Currently, due to Space Programs running between Pakistan and India, the Moon mission, and Soft landing technology, now Pakistan can get an opportunity from the Middle East and Asia. So, it seems that now the Middle East and all the Islamic countries of the world can work with Pakistan on space, technology, and science in the future. So now we believe that in the future Pakistan and China along with the Middle East can also invest with Pakistani companies in many Space Projects, Astrology, Orbiter spacecraft, Rovers, and Flyby spacecraft. Because for now, there is great hope for India and Pakistan in the Middle East, which are becoming very eager to run their respective space programs in the future. Recently I came to know that Pakistan’s first space mission till now is named ‘iCube-Q’ which can now open another big opportunity for Pakistan in the future through which it can join forces with Sweden, France, the UK, Italy, and China. There are many examples of space missions in the future which are the Artemis mission, Lunar mining, On to Mars, Tracking climate changes, Plane travel, Sampling asteroids, Finding minerals, and the Dragonfly mission which will bring new investment to Pakistan in many places.

Why Middle East, Europe, and Islamic Countries invest in Pakistan’s Space program, science, and technology?

For now, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar are now eyeing Pakistan’s iCube-Q to make their moon missions successful in future. Because UAE, Sweden, France and European Union are also waiting for this historical step of Pakistan, that in future after making the world’s cheapest space mission in Pakistan, many opportunities will be created in Europe also. So now in the future, Pakistan can become the 6th country in the world after Russia, United States, China, India and Japan. If in future Pakistan’s iCube-Q moon mission is cheaper, strategic and has better performance than India and other countries, then in future China and Pakistan will make the space ambitions of many countries successful. Because most of China’s Space Projects, Aircraft, Defense and Missiles related strategies are distributed in Pakistan so that in future, trades, ties and business with China as well as Pakistan with the world will continue. And anyway, there are many investment opportunities within Pakistan like Spaces, Middle East Direct Fund, Wealth and Strategic Partnership with Pakistan.

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