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Turkey will destroy the Economy, Finance, and Defense sectors by sanctioning Israel : Israel-Gaza War

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Due to the recent war between Gaza and Israel, countries around the world are suspending relations with Israel and ending ties. As per the calculations written today, Israeli sectors, investors, and economic experts do not know how much loss the Israeli economy, defense, and financial sectors are facing due to the war fronts. Now it is believed that Israel is surrounded by enemies from all sides but along with this Israel can also fall from the sight of enemies due to Defense, Economic, and Financial ties. But now because of all this, it is being said that Turkey is the only country that can cause huge damage to Israel in the future without fighting or sending troops. Currently, told that Turkey is now Israel’s biggest partner which has helped Israel in exports, ties, trade, and defense sectors due to the Israel and Gaza war. But at the same time, the way countries around the world are ending their relations with Israel, it seems as if Turkey can also impose the biggest-ever sanction on Israel. Due to this, Turkey will not only impose sanctions on Israel but will also block all international import/export routes for Israel due to which Israel will suffer huge losses.

Why Turkey will impose sanctions on Israel, Trade routes, Imports, and Exports?

This step by Turkey will not only spoil the relations between Israel and Turkey but will also spoil international relations. Currently, all routes like the Red Sea, Golan Heights, Lebanon, the Suez Canal, Persian Gulf, and Straits of Hormuz are quite dangerous for Israeli imports or exports and Turkey is the only route from where Israel manages its international trade. Because it is being said that if Turkey ends all its relations with Israel, it can also stop Israel’s international trade. Because as of now there are no relations with Israel’s neighboring country except Turkey. Because for now Israel imports most of its goods from China, the United States, Germany, Turkey, and Italy and all those trades come through Turkey. Due to this, it is believed that if Israel does not have relations with Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea, the condition of Israel’s economy, defense, and financial services may deteriorate in the future. Due to which the help of the US and European countries will not reach Israel because due to the war between Iran and Israel, Syrian forces and Iranian forces can attack the Mediterranean Sea.

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