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Hong Kong and China may raise $100b in BitcoinETF during Bitcoin Halving in 2024 : Bitcoin News

Top 10 Countries investing in Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs, Hong Kong Investing $100b in Bitcoin, BitcoinETFs inflow rise $1 Trillion USD by 2030, Will the Chinese, American, European Union, Japanese, and Indian companies invest in Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs?, BlackRock, Fidelity and top AUMs investing Hong Kong based Bitcoin ETFs.


Currently, due to BitcoinETFs and Bitcoin Halving, the world’s top banks, firms, investing platforms, and wealth funds want to invest billions of USD in Bitcoin. Due to this, now Bitcoin-based funds, Bitcoin-backed stocks, and Bitcoin-backed businesses are going to get the biggest boost. Currently, the demand for friendly business startups, firms, and companies in Hong Kong and China is increasing for Bitcoin due to which BitcoinETFs can get other approvals in China and Hong Kong before Bitcoin Halving. Hong Kong’s total assets under management (AUM) of Hong Kong’s asset and wealth management businesses is the world’s largest, accounting for $4 trillion USD, making it the largest owner of assets anywhere else in the world. But for now, China and Hong Kong may spend around $100 billion on Bitcoin investments and investments in Bitcoin funds. Because China’s wealth, business, financial, and Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFS can be attractive to all investors in Asia, the total inflow fund of Bitcoin ETFs can exceed $1 trillion by 2030. After Hong Kong Bitcoin ETF approval, countries like Japan, India, China (Shanghai Market), South Korea, and the Middle East may also get a chance to invest or fundraise.

Will the Chinese, American, European Union, Japanese, and Indian companies invest in Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs?

Currently, Hong Kong’s biggest investing, partnership, and business cooperation country is China, but after getting Bitcoin ETFs, it can also attract investors, companies, and firms from many countries. But now it is not just that BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard have invested trillions of USD after getting BitcoinETFs but it is clear that those who want to make a future with crypto, bitcoin, Web3, Creativity, developing and Blockchain technology in the future. They are now investing in Bitcoin ETFs. Bitcoin is creating multinational, overseas, and decentralized business sources where people are boosting their startups and businesses in Bitcoin Mining, Holdings, Developing, NFTs, Node, and digital creativity. Currently, in the last 5 years, approximately $10+ Trillion USD of transactions have taken place between Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, which is a huge amount, because banks and firms have not been able to handle such large transactions. Due to this, Bitcoin can become the biggest hub of Hong Kong by $100B+ by 2025, if Hong Kong’s local businesses, financial, and insurance investing firms, and companies also have an interest in BitcoinETFs. then Hong Kong to be the biggest hub of Cryptocurrency.

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