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Privacy Policy


Personal Privacy and Created Policy?

It rkmtimes provides the policy and privacy of the security that he always tries to keep the collection of his users safe and that he completely It also does maintenance so that the data and privacy of the people is safe based on our policy.also that we want every users or people should have to visit our privacy policy page, there they will identify what they are visiting and how he safe from the privacy of our. and also that ” how we forward you safely ” with your data of users, collect, uses, maintains how we provides you that security, it is must important for users.

On the sections of below of pages, we given some information for users and data collection. Just Follow the marks of numbers and get the information.

1. Personal & Non-personal Identification Information

This means that we give attention to any specific non-personal information, but the non-personal data that comes in can be important only for you but not for ours, because what you search and what you see will be found in your browser, But we only monitoring you to what you visit and on which page, you do not give attention to what you do and what not in your browser. If you fill a form, it is possible that the data is with us, but the data you are visiting does not come to us, Because it is saved in your browser and not in our databases. if you reading specific blogs and news, their connecting through our databases but through your browser and if you “Comment and filling forms” then it will record in our databases but not will in yours browser. now we have hope to keeping safe you on our site and we not asking you to fill some personal or non-personal information.

2. How we collect your data & Protect?

Also it questions in your mind as asks.
how your company collect data and given security?
as per your question we hope and feels so happy when asks that kind of concerns!

Okay, first of all we want to tell you about your data protection & Collection policy, we properly analyzing that data which kinds in ‘comments’ and any ‘form’ which is gave us. and that data which we are collecting, that are safe through our policy. we are not any others information we collect, only we have a ‘comment-form’ and ‘contact-from’. if when we create any specific community, company, online, stores and much etc, proposal then once we talk you back and e-mail you for the further security policies.

3. What we finally Required collect information from you?

1.–email-address (only capable for use at our comment-form and Online subscription)

2.–ip-address ( where do you visit and how you forwards through on our site)

3. —Browser type & Device type (we looking your browser and device at analytics the web traffic and activities.

4. —Operating systems ( we define which OS you just used to visits our sites)

We also collect your data from specific pages and external coockies of our site read section below.

1. Online Form (This data is just uses at yourself at connect with us. it is does from every person who wants to connect something through their)

2. Different Cookies ( when you visit our site, that coockies can be monitored your and identified you to know more about your session and etc. Information )

3. Other profitable sources ( when we create some source for any new statement on latest source of your and companies profit, that will notify you.

4. What Is Your Rights?

may you can ask and speak about your some questions to get your rights. you can ask about your data protection, we can reply your every situation. and we can help you through your concern, you have some asks the rights of the about of your data protection, that you can ask us. actually, we are not take much profiles and important data from, just need some email address and name but we never takes more hugs data of your privacy. and our team will not asks you to fill the form of payments and credit card information, if you seems like this, then contact us first of all. you can “contact us” on social media and private email address which we have given in “about us” page.

We have some options for beginners and creator, who can contact for there content policy.

1. Share content and Idea. ( Share the content which wrote and have idea. to make your great thinks which can important for your knowledge).

2. Ask us for content quality ( when we create much helpful content, and when we have some update for that content, please asks us to replace the quality and share with your intentions) but it only possible till your right. we just offering the changes your feedback, it not available at permanent or daily bases changes.

3. Childs and 16 age policy ( we are writing content for the children motivation but never writing the negativity against and non-sense content at child, if you are an the permanent visitor of our website then say us about our children policy and rights, that where you seems worse.

5. Our Credit card, Debit card, Payments policy

You have more hope of protect sum related this payment policy. ask about that reliable policy, that we can’t offer, that payment method we can’t be accepts through us. that means we doesn’t any of policy on the online payment method. this policy which we gives you about the you must know, you may not payments online with us and any “form-filling” or “pressure” not on you, do not folllow anything without our payment policy known. it attention will avoid you through that kind of concern.

follow these 2 structurs which we gives on the below.

1. Paid services and payment policy (we don’t brings you to online e-stores and Ecommerce, we don’t have these kinds of gadgets yet. if you seems, we have online method for our “paid course” and “paid book”, then you wrong we never tell please to pay online. )

2. Ecommerce and e-stores policy ( similar response of our policy at online selling and buying in market, that would help you, to recognize how you safe and how protect yourself from online fraud. according to us we don’t sell anything online and also not buy online. don’t trust on them who online sells through our comapany brands and advertising. if you wants to still interest in online payment then once you have to talk with us.)

Advertisement Policy.

It is a special policy for the online advertisers or online compaign manager of their investmest in the world of Advertisement. We are helping a those peoples, who are invests on the Google Adword,, Taboola, Outbrain, Google Adsense and etc genuine company, we just keep safe him to manage their online campaign easy and usedful and responsible but about the all of Advertising network we trying to keeping out safe from invalid clicks, right Ad behavior, and avoid unnecessary beneficial things. We don’t want to waste the money and time of advertising on the Google Adsense, Taboola, Outbrain and etc all the ad network. We hope all the invests of advertisers through Google and and etc, be beneficial or advantage for their invest we can not trust in the invalid clicks, unnecessary benefits. we maintenance our data and website and also care about the advertisement, to keep safe and make safe campaign of ad network.

Last Modified – 28-Sep-2020

Thanks for understanding the privacy policy of RKM.