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Millions of Foreigners Will loss jobs in the Middle East amid Iran-Israel Tensions: Israel-Arab War

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Currently, due to the news and predictions of war between Israel and Iran, it is believed that Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and many other foreigners from the Middle East may lose their jobs. Recent reports have said that about 10m+ foreigners work in the Middle East, out of which the majority are Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis. The Minimum Monthly Wage is approximately $3000 + Bonus, due to which a foreign worker earns approximately $5000 USD Monthly, which is a huge amount for many countries. However, due to the recent war between Israel, Palestine, and Iran, people of many countries may face huge employment losses. The war between Israel and Iran can push the entire Middle East into another war, due to which, apart from Israel, foreign workers of Iran and other countries can face many types of problems. Due to this, about 10M+ jobs are now under threat due to war. Out of which Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani workers are going to suffer the most losses. For now, it is not believed that in the war between Iran and Israel, the rest of the Middle Eastern countries can also openly intervene and the war can be escalated.

How Iran and Israel war impact the Jobs, Trade routes, and salaries of Foreign workers?

It would not be like that if the war is escalated it can cause a lot of inflation in addition to employment and jobs and salaries because the war between Iran and Israel will almost certainly impact the entire business of the Middle East and the world. No significant difference was seen in the war between Gaza and Israel, But Israel has caused unemployment to millions of Palestinians, but now due to Iran and Israel, a big impact can be seen in all the sectors in the Middle East. Currently, many top companies in Europe, and US, and Israel have lost the jobs of many people due to the Gaza war, but now Global Traders, Stocks, and Companies will suffer more losses due to Israel and Iran. Due to this, a huge inflation can be seen in the Middle East and also a huge economic loss. Due to this, jobs of more foreign workers requirement may decrease in the future. Many countries believe that the war between Iran and Israel will remain between them but the relations between the US and Iran will also worsen due to Hezbollah, Houthi, Syria, and Lebanon. Due to this, there may be a big war between Israel and Iran.

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