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Israel will leave Rafah amid ICC and ICJ Approve the Arrest of Netanyahu : Israel Gaza Wars

How Israel-Arab War, Netanyahu Arrest Warrant, Sanctions on IDF and Israeli Diplomats, Iran Vs Israel, Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal?, International Arrest Warrant for IDF and Netanyahu. West bank and Gaza incidents, Israel Arab relations.


Currently, tensions between Israel and Gaza have been going on for the last 200 days. Many countries, politicians, and governments in the world are protesting against Israel and taking serious steps to stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza. But now ICC (International Criminal Court) and ICJ (International Courts of Justice) together can give a big blow to Israeli Diplomats, the IDF Chief, and Likud political Party leaders. The special thing that has come to the fore this time is that now the US is also supporting the ICC (International Criminal Court) and ICJ (International Court of Justice) against Israel, due to which, in the future, relations between the US and Israel can be quite a rift. So in this way, now Netanyahu is not only worried about losing the chair but there can be a new revolution-like development in the whole of Israel. Due to this, all other opposition parties of Israel can get a chance to establish their own government. So in such a situation, it seems that in the future, many countries can break all their relations with Israel and IDF after the arrest warrant of ICJ and ICC.

How Israel-Arab War, Netanyahu Arrest Warrant, Sanctions on IDF and Israeli Diplomats, Iran Vs Israel, Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal?

Everyone like Iran, Gaza, and Houthis wants a peace deal between Israel and Palestine which also includes a Two-state Solution but it does not seem that there will be any deal between Israel and Hamas. Due to this, Israel and the entire Middle East are trapped in a kind of proxy and direct war. Currently, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are also avoiding Israel due to their foreign policies because Israel’s plan is Rafah where millions of Palestinians or Gazans may die due to Israeli operations. To Israel’s new fault, it seems that if Israel accelerates the operation on Rafah, it will be the biggest mistake in history for Israel, where Israel will face criticism from the ICC, US, Arabs, European Union, and even Iran at the international level. But on the other hand, the people of Israel are also intensifying their protests every day, due to which new incidents are being seen every day in the West Bank and Tel Aviv. On the other hand, if Israel’s PM Netanyahu’s arrest warrant is issued, his accounts, foreign assets, bank accounts, and many other US assets may be seized. Due to this, Iran and Hamas will get a big opportunity to interfere in the politics and internal matters of Israel and the Middle East, because of which 100% of US and Israel’s policies against Gaza and Iran may fail.

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