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Hamas, Turkey, and Hezbollah will jointly attack Israel during Rafah Invasion : Gaza War

Why do Turkey, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas join in retaliation against Israel?, Israel Vs Turkey in Rafah, Iranian IRGC send troops to Gaza.


Due to the recent Israeli attack on Rafah, it is being said that now Hamas, Egypt, Turkey, and Hezbollah can do something big together against Israel. Because after the recent attack on Rafah by Israel, now Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthi can launch a big attack which can lead to a big war between Israel and the Middle East. Just a few days ago, Turkey ended all its relations with Israel because it is said that Hamas can now carry out major attacks against Israel from North Gaza. Apart from this, Turkey’s Foreign Minister has recently replied that the Israeli attack on the Rafah crossing will give rise to a new regional war. This is the first time that Turkey has openly talked about taking strict steps to stop Israel. Currently, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthi are also continuously attacking, and due to Israel’s actions in Rafah now, it seems that in the future there may be bigger attacks on Israel from the Southern fronts.

Why do Turkey, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas join in retaliation against Israel?

Although there are no good relations between Turkey and Israel due to the Gaza War, now Turkey is in support of Palestine to a great extent. Now it is believed that Iran, Turkey, Hamas, and Hezbollah can take major action together. Because recently the Islamic World has made a lot of efforts to put pressure on Israel and the Western countries to end the war in the Middle East. But now it is believed that Turkey, Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah themselves want to take new action which will put pressure on Israel from the US and the world for Rafah. They do not have any special interest in Israel and Gaza since the ICC, ICJ, and others in the UNSC are trying to suppress the voice of Palestine. Since the US and Europe, all countries have started to lose trust in the US and Europe. And now Turkey and Iran have also accepted that Israel has started the attack on Gaza’s Rafah. Due to this, the lives of millions of Palestinians are in danger. Due to this, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and many pro-Palestinian countries can now put additional pressure on Israel. And now a NATO country like Turkey can create huge problems for Israel.

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