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Middle Eastern countries will stop using USD & EUR, Israel-Iran War, BRICS Currency regulations : Israel-Iran War

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Currently, the permanent member of BRICS believes that in the future, all the countries of the Middle East can now trade in USD and bind global payment solutions. Recently, due to the increasing tension between Israel and Iran, many countries in the Middle East are facing problems regarding business, trade, and routes. This would be true if a war started today between Israel and Iran. This could have an impact on all commercial and trade routes passing through the Middle East in the future, which would benefit neither Iran nor the Middle East and America. The war between Iran and Israel will also involve the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Strait of Hormuz, and Indian Ocean. From here approximately $5+ Trillion USD of trade happens every year because if this trade route comes under the grip of Israel and Iran then we can see all the countries going against Iran or against Israel. Now because of this the Middle Eastern countries also want that in the future we want to be free from USD and EUR, so that there will be no need to place America’s army in the Middle East against Iran and because of this the US will put pressure on Israel for a ceasefire. So now in such a situation, the presence of almost all the Middle East countries within BRICS is increasing, which can play a big role for BRICS in the future.

Why will Middle Eastern and African countries stop using USD, EURO, and British Pounds?

However, many countries in the Middle East still consider Israel as their biggest partner whose job is to achieve normalization with Israel in the future. But Israel and the Middle Eastern countries believe that Iran is not going to allow normalization between them. Because Israel knows that if there is ArabIsraeli normality in the future, it will not be so easy because the war between Israel and Arabs will almost keep on increasing. For now, both Arabs and the US are running away from Israel and Iran to a great extent because of Iran and Arabs. Because even the US and Arabs do not want Israel and Iran are run proxy or direct war, now there is no normalization not only between Israel-Arab but also between the Middle East and the US. If this continues to happen between Israel, the US, and Iran then in the future the Middle East countries can become very close to BRICS and China due to which USD, EUR, and YEN can have the maximum loss of dominance. In this way, now the pressure on BRICS countries is also falling on the countries of the Middle East because due to the recent tensions in the Middle East, countries around the world may face huge losses in the future. But still, the countries of the Middle East do maximum trade and exports in USD and EUR so that they can keep their relations strong with the US and Europe.

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