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Pakistan’s Meezan Bank to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum to offer finance to Middle East : Bitcoin Investing

Why IMF and China will sanction on Pakistan over Bitcoin Accepts?, Why does Pakistan’s Meezan Bank offer Bitcoin, Investing, and BitcoinETFs in the Middle East or South Asia?, poor political, economic, and financial condition of Pakistan, Most of Pakistani bought Bitcoin in 2018 and 2020. Oldest Crypto exchanges in Pakistan, who is best profitble Bitcoin traders in Asia?


Recently, there have been millions of banks around the world that are going to make Bitcoin and Ethereum their reserves, forex, traders, and international currency in the future. Which in future is going to connect China, Russia, the European Union, and Middle East businesses with Pakistan’s top Meezan Bank. However, the biggest joy for this development is that top private and government banks are taking interest in Crypto, Bitcoin, and Ethereum because Pakistan can make huge growth in any economy, finance, and business based on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. In this step of the Meezan Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan’s economy will get a big boost from the Middle East and China. However, Pakistan’s Meezan Bank has reserves of more than $2 Billion in Gold, USD, and Pakistani Rupees under its market cap, but now if Pakistan uses a strategy like El Salvador and BitcoinETFs then in the future Bitcoin and Ethereum Pakistan Reserve ban is possible. Apart from this, the economic, financial, and business conditions of Pakistan is very bad, due to which Bitcoins like Ethereum can play a big role. Generally, the largest investors within Pakistan’s Meezan Bank include Noor Financial Investment Company, Pak Kuwait Investment Company, and Islamic Development Bank. Generally, the Urdubit exchange is the oldest crypto exchange in Pakistan, which was completely closed by the Central Bank of Pakistan in 2018.  But Bitcoin trading in Pakistan happened even before all the exchanges in India which were traded in the official Bahrain Backed Rain Crypto Exchange. Pakistani crypto traders first traded Bitcoin in Urdubit and Rain crypto exchanges in around 2017. Now the top banks, financial, business, and crypto/Forex traders of the Middle East know that in the future they can make bigger investments and partnerships with Meezan Bank of Pakistan. So now if other top banks of Asia allow Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin investment then Pakistan’s Meezan Bank can also accept Bitcoin due to which Pakistan’s economy can get a boost.

Why does Pakistan’s Meezan Bank offer Bitcoin, Investing, and BitcoinETFs in the Middle East or South Asia?

Pakistan’s biggest ally is China and IMF which can impose sanctions on Pakistan in the future because if Pakistan’s investment in Bitcoin increases then many countries can diversify their business in Pakistan like El-Salvador. Here BlackRock, Fidelity, and top US Firms can also expand their investment network in Pakistan and economically support China and Asian markets through Bitcoin. However, for now, According to Triple-A, 4.1% of Pakistan’s total population, or over 9 million people, owns cryptocurrency which can be quite profitable for Pakistan’s economy and strategy in the future. Whoever owns Bitcoin and Crypto in Pakistan is equal to the crypto owners of India but the crypto holders of Pakistan are almost 100X more profitable than Indians.  All the people who own crypto in Pakistan had already shifted their business and investment to UAE, UK, and US by the time the centralized banks of Pakistan banned crypto in 2018. Because their pass to Crypto and Bitcoin is to be held Pakistani Bank does not have any Bitcoin yet and in the future financial development can be done with the help of China, the Middle East, and the IMF. The people of Pakistan were well aware that due to the poor political, economic, and financial condition of Pakistan, they had to go to other countries to avoid government seizure, the highest crypto tax, and banks.

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