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Copyrights Policy


Welcome to our Copyright and content privacy page to know more about our Copyright rights for the anyone website. We written more about our site copyrighted infringement and plagiarism, and also written about third party content and copyrighted rights and infringement.

Normally, RKM is a news and media network to explore News and Update from RKM To share our audiance and followers for educational and motivational thoughts and understands. We always share and writing contents, Publish news, Provide best knowledge to everyone. For more about us visit our more pages like About-us, Contact-Us, Privacy-Policy, Disclaimer

Infringement and content policy.

Normally, Our Editor, Moderator, Publisher and Content writers are not publish any kind of infringement contents which is violent the policy of anyone site’s owner. We publishing everyday new content and posts to share to our audiance and followers but we never share any unnecessary contents to our followers. We Never want any site to have any problems with us and we never violent their policy of copyrighted Rights if by mistake that was happened, we will take actions to solve the copyright infringement. It is our policy how we make our writing and copyright policy strong against infringes contents, We always puts our website’s original data but we can not post any kind of violate contents.

if happened by mistake then?

We already have much kind of privacy page and support desk to talk with our e-maill us for the contents – if that violate your policy. Still if you have something seems wrong then you mostly contact us on the and we will immediately “delete” the Infringement contents or posts from our server or websites. You can also contact and send us an notice on our Social media channels and e-mail account, which we have already given in the Contact-Us page to make sure we will change, update or we can “Delete” all the violating data.

For any concerns about Infringement, Privacy, Policy of Content, removal, Permission and violated contents etc, you can Contact us on – [email protected]

Your Rights, Permission for Copyright And DMCA policy.

By the way, we always Publishing through our managers and moderator to write beautiful and unique contents to explore around the world, we always thoughts about original posts and images to publish on our site. And if we posted by mistake or intentionally then we will only publish for only motivation of peoples, educational for students and General knowledge but not at promoting any kind of policy violation to any website or rules of DMCA. If you seems that was copyrighted content then you must visit our contact page to read and contact us about the any kind of enquiry and support. If that posted item will not be deleting after the your statement or request, then you can easily contact to DMCA, we always work instantly on the query of owners but if late or forgotten by us then you make sure to visit our DMCA Policy department to get fast response.

What is your rights in the copyright infringement of your site?

You have rights of asking about copyrighted content to send us notice our team and our network – if we does any kind of mistakes in your secured contents and data. You can also visit the DMCA Center, which can make your request to easily by the investigation of copyright policy, We always follows the rules of DMCA Under the Copyright content.

we always write and make any kind of thing by our team and if we accidentally used your copyrighted content, then you can contact-us to Replace the contents, removing of words, Delete Images, Deleting Copyrighted Audio or Videos, changes in particular posts, Deleting duplicate word, and we will be delete specific post after the much investigation from us.

Rules of DMCA and request for copyright claims.

We always be following the report of DMCA, If you have any kind of copyrighted claim so immediately you once try to claim to DMCA before of contact us. Before of contact directly to us then first you must try for DMCA verification and support of your contents to get instantly replay. DMCA is a one of popular copyrighted programs investigators to make your enquiry easy and DMCA is monitoring everytime that programs which is infringement of policy.

Remember : You should have to report or claim your copyrighted notice under the DMCA rules and contact to us all to DMCA – ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) we will feels hope to help and chance of answering you. DMCA will be best way for you to analyzing your posts data and seems to be strong your contents. Protection Status
our website and Content is fully verified by DMCA

Responsiblity and verify your site ownership for copyrighted claims.

Caution : If you are owner, business holder and creator then can claim and report us about your contents safety, otherwise we will always verify your contents claims and if that should you not have contents will yours to confirm, if you don’t have any kind of content and ownership with any sites then we will not takes action against your copyrighted request to us.

DMCA will always verify your domain and content what for you have requested to copyright claims, you always be an admin and author of any site when you ask about your copyrighted infringement to DMCA or RKMTIMES, Otherwise not to be an opportunities for you to succeed in your claims.

Note : If you claims your copyrighted notice to us, then you must visit and follow the rules of DMCA, otherwise we will verify you normally to claiming your site or contents is yours, which is good for everyone to know more about your site and contents, which contents in exactly have yours that we will clearify for more about you.

By mistake if we taken your some copyright infringement contents then we will be able to show for the educational or motivational purposes but we never copy any fake promotion to make people choice worst. We always remember your policy and privacy to take your contents with permission and credit but if we still posted without your permission then you must try for your continued infringement of our policy to get returned your content’s safety everytime. If you happy to share your content with us then – we will welcome to take you happiness in the specific contents and data.

Thank You for served for your precious contents on your site to being keep safe.

Last Update : 4th-Oct-2020

This page is just created for Data Protection from Copyrighted infringement and safety for anyone’s website, but we never explain about “How to use copyrighted things” you should have to read all the rkmtimes guidance before of copying contents of our.

Written by : RKMTIMES

Thanks for reading our Copyrights policy and infringement privacy information .