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IDF Left Gaza, Israeli Aid to Gaza, Election in Israel, Iran Israel War : Israel Vs Gaza War

Why did Israel Leave Gaza, Possible war in Between Iran and Israel, and Israeli Aid, food, pipe, and energy to Gazans?, Will Israeli Troops Leave Golan Heights, West bank and North Galilee?.


Recently, the Israeli army has left almost the entire Gaza, due to which now a huge protest is taking place inside Israel against Israel and in favor of IDF. The way the IDF has recently left Gaza has now created the biggest question for Netanyahu and the Likud party. This decision has always been believed to be that of Israel’s Defense Minister because many Israeli people believe that Netanyahu and the Coalition government do not want the war between Gaza and Israel to stop. But recently the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Gaza has created a huge shock for countries around the world. Many countries that think from the Iranian perspective believe that Israel has already come to the path of a ceasefire due to continuous wars with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Yemen and it has given it. Due to all this, the victory of Iran, Gaza, Palestine, and Hezbollah is now visible. The sudden departure of the Israeli army from Gaza may raise questions on Israel’s defense, and foreign, strategic policy. It is possible that there may be another immediate election in Israel because the situation is worse than in Gaza, where people are protesting every day and raising slogans against Netanyahu and the IDF.

Why did Israel Leave Gaza, Possible war in Between Iran and Israel, and Israeli Aid, food, pipe, and energy to Gazans?

Recently, news has also come that the Israeli government can now enable all international services like Food, Humanitarian Aid, Goods, and water to the people of Gaza in order to establish its relations with Gaza. Because right now, after the Israeli army killed foreign aid workers in Gaza, it has been said many times at the international level that no country in the world wants to come out in support of Israel. On the other hand, there is almost a possibility of Israel going to war with Iran, so Israel does not want Israel to face Hezbollah, Iran, and Houthi again after Hamas. So because of this, now Israel is almost ready to conduct a ceasefire but not at the international level because it is possible that the Israeli army will have to go to Gaza again. So far, Israel has withdrawn its army from Gaza by sending only one brigade there, but this can happen in the future, after Israel’s elections, and some peace agreements or sending again troops can be made with Palestine and Israel. But until there is a complete agreement between Israel and Gaza, we can also consider a temporary withdrawal of Israel. But now the UN has just announced that Israel can now supply their food, water, and electricity to Gaza, thereby stopping the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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