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Who planned the Incident in Poonch, Election 2024, India Vs Pakistan?, PoK War, Indian Army

Who is responsible for the attack on Convoy In Poonch, Will the Indian Air Force Retaliate?, India and pakistan war, Pakistani airforce, China in Jammu and Kashmir, Poonch Terror Attack.


Recently, a huge terrorist attack has taken place in the Poonch area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir, due to which a lot of news is coming regarding the Indian Government, Air Force, and BSF. It is being told that in the recent terrorist incident, about 5 Indian soldiers were injured and 1 soldier was martyred. This is the way we know that there is a conspiracy because of the geopolitics going on in Israel, Ukraine, and Gaza and some people believe that Congress has faked the terrorist attacks that happened here. Recently there has been an election situation in India which means that BJP and Congress can put pressure on each other. that many believe that during elections are held then another terrorist conspiracy can also take place in the country due to which now political parties in India can get another issue. Currently, every party is sharing its positive things with the public and the people like them are strengthening their vote bank through conspiracies like Ram Mandir, Pulwama, and Poonch so that local issues do not matter in India. The direction of the civilians may change for the next 1 month. However, due to the recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, now their own options are being made for the Indian public, politics, and defense.

Who is responsible for the attack on Convoy In Poonch, Will the Indian Air Force Retaliate?

However, till now no specific organization has taken responsibility for this but it could be due to the Indian Army and political pressure, Terrorist Groups can take responsibility for this incident. However, the Indian Army is eyeing the local terror groups of Jammu and Kashmir like Jammu Kashmir National Front, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), and Climate Front Jammu and the Indian Airforce can carry out a strike against them. However, for now, the Indian Army is finding out which terrorist groups have been continuously attacking IAF convoys and who will take responsibility for this attack. However, this attack can be publicity politically so much so that it means that local Terror/Resistance groups of Jammu can be behind it. because currently in Jammu and Kashmir other big local militias are continuously strengthening their positions like the actions of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Azad Kashmir, and Muridke. But it is also certain that the Indian Air Force can now carry out more search operations in Jammu and Kashmir after these attacks and the presidential order. It is possible that the Indian Air Force can intensify its operations on many Terrorist Camps and if the IAF directly attacks inside Pakistani camps then a situation like Pulwama will be created. But yes, the risk of war with Pakistan will increase for the Indian Army of the Indian Air Force attacks again like Balakot. It is believed that till now the involvement of any terrorist organization in Pakistan has not been shown to be involved in the attack. But if the Indian Air Force still carries out a major attack inside Pakistan, then it is possible that the reaction of Pakistan may also increase.

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