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Why Google not Indexing, Rank and SEO your website, posts and article in 2024 : Website SEO

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For Blogging, Content Writing, Website SEO, and Ranking, thousands of other articles, YouTube videos, and free tools are available that will tell you how you can index your websites, blogs, and articles fast and instantly on the Google Search engine in 2024. But as new updates have come for Google, Creators, Developers, and website blogs, it seems that in the future you may have to work harder to make your website’s ranking and SEO keywords stable and skyrocket. The way the ranking and ranking updates of new and old blogs from other parts of the world keep coming from the Google Search Console, it seems to us that Google has often not allowed traffic to bloggers and websites. Due to this bloggers face a lot of problems in ranking their blogs or articles. In this way, you will be able to index, rank, and SEO-friendly your website’s pages, posts, and articles if you do not know that Google can de-index your website at any time from Google Search Engine.

How to index, rank, and write SEO Friendly Articles to increase your website traffic in 2024?

Rank your website by Keyword Research in 2024, Well, recently many of Google’s changes have been made regarding SEO, Indexing, Articles Schema, and Page SEO because in the future Google may refuse to allow ranking and indexing for low-value content. There have been many changes regarding Google’s crying bots, ranking, and website articles which can directly affect your website. Many new bloggers believe that by using Instant Indexing Plugins, Publishing Daily Articles, and sharing, Google will put their website in the trending and ranking list, but this is not possible. Currently in Google, the top DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) websites which have Domain and Page Authority of almost 25%, will be instant indexing or ranking of the articles, posts, and pages of a website. Google is now giving traffic of millions of visitors to top backlinks, website unique articles, unique features images, and domain authority websites. Google is now de-indexing new and low-value content websites and indexing, ranking, and SEO keywords are now becoming challenging for all the new bloggers.

So, what should we do in such a situation so that we can increase the Organic, Social, and referral visitors to our website, articles, and domain?

There is a lot of competition in Social Traffic, Organic and Referral traffic. due to which Google is gaining popularity through Backlinks, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Unique Articles, and Unique Featured Images, in the future there will be no low-value content, copyright articles, and images on Google Indexing. First of all, Google has ranked and indexed all your posts, articles, and videos but when Google finds out that your site has low-value content, zero backlinks, and no website traffic sources which are Social, Referral to your site. All pages and posts have been de-indexed by Google Search Console. And then you keep getting errors like ‘Crawled – currently not indexed’, ‘Duplicate without user-selected canonical’, ‘Discovered – currently not indexed’, and ‘Page with a redirect’ because Google will no longer index your site with any WordPress, blogger plugins. In the future, Google Search Engine will give the best ranking and organic traffic to websites with high domain and page authority, in which ranking for new bloggers, content writers, and website owners will be very difficult.

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