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Pakistan and Iran to destroy all US, Iran, Israeli backed Militia Groups in South Asia : Iran Pakistan war

Iran Pakistan War, Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) Vs the Jaish al-Adl Militia, Israeli Backed Sunni Militia Group, US saudi and israel in Pakistan Iran war, Why do Iran and Pakistan want to together destroy the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) and the Jaish al-Adl Militia Group?.


Right now people believe that there is no point in taking action from Pakistan and Iran again or will Iran and Pakistan continue to airstrike or launch missiles like this? – However, its meaning is quite complicated in which the leaders of Iran and Pakistan do not care who is launching airstrikes or missiles. Similarly, Iran considers the secret Jaish al-Adl in Pakistan as an Israeli-backed Sunni Militia group which can carry out terrorist attacks on Iran in the future. Similarly, Pakistan also considers the Balochistani Sepatist Iranian Backed Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) as Anti-Pakistan. Due to this, some routes of Iran and Pakistan can be very bad but war like that of Israel and Ukraine can be a bit difficult. Pakistani Air Force and Army may be trying to bring peace till the elections because Iran has also said that Pakistan and Iran together can eliminate Militias. All these wars between Iran and Pakistan are being used to defend each other security to eliminate Militias, but as of now Pakistan and Iran are not able to declare direct war.

Why do Iran and Pakistan want to together destroy the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) and the Jaish al-Adl Militia Group?

Iran believes that Jaish al-Adl and other Sunni militias have now become Israeli-backed groups that can pose a threat to Iran in the future. And Pakistan has also been terrorizing the Balochistan Separatists and whatever Pakistan has done airstrikes in recent times, the militants of Anti-Pakistani or Bloch separatism have been killed. Both Pakistan and Iran are also getting the opportunity to eliminate Separatism and Israeli-backed groups so that no such incident happens again after the incident in Karmen. But this is not of any special benefit for the US and Israel because both the countries Iran and Pakistan are running anti-terror missions. so in this way, if countries like the US and Israel think like Terrorism or anti-Iran or Pakistan then Israel and the US Its relations with Pakistan may also deteriorate. Iran wants to keep Israel away from Pakistan and Afghanistan by attacking Israeli-backed terrorists in Pakistan so that Iran’s proxy army can destroy Israel in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. Similarly, Pakistan also wants to eliminate Balochistan separatists so that in the future India, Afghanistan, and Iran cannot enter Pakistan through Balochistan. Because at such a time, anyone like Iran can join hands with Pakistan’s neighboring country Baloch Separatists.

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