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Runestone’s Upcoming $DOG on Bitcoin, Runestone investing in Memecoin : Ordinals News

Earn $200M by invesing $100 in Runestone or Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, Will Runestone-backed $DOG reach $1, or 1 Runestone holder earn $200M worth of profit in 2024?, Best Upcoming Memecoins and Ordinals NFTs, Top best NFTs on Ordinals or Bitcoin Blockchain, upcoming Ethereum, Solana and BNB killer $DOG coin on Bitcoin.


Recently a project named Runestone on Bitcoin Ordinals has completely given a huge hit to Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, and many other blockchains and now Runestone wants to put its upcoming Dogecoin on Bitcoin Blockchain. About 120k holders of RuneStone are now eyeing the upcoming new token offering of Rounstone which is Doge Coin-themed. The recently launched $Dog coin, which is proprietary to Bitcoin, will be $DOG, which will be the first token of the Bitcoin blockchain. And especially for now, the Runestone Backed $DOG Coin has been designed in a unique way that will be quite attractive. It is believed that a very big airdrop will be available for the holders of the Runestone NFT collection now in $DOG coin and with it, the value of 1 Runestone holder will be approximately 200M+ $DOG which will become quite profitable in the future. So in such a situation, bringing the first $dog and meme coin on the Bitcoin blockchain by Runestone can be a huge opportunity for the Bitcoin blockchain in the future. After Runestone’s move, Memecoin has the potential to rise on the Bitcoin Blockchain, which can cause the biggest shock to coins built on Ethereum, Solana, and Base Network.

Will Runestone-backed $DOG reach $1, or 1 Runestone holder earn $200M worth of profit in 2024?

So it is very important for you to know this because Runestone is now going to launch 3 meme coins the first one being $DOG which will be the first meme coin on Bitcoin. Currently, that told that 1 Runestone Holders will receive approximately 200M+ $DOG coin airdrop in which the Runestone team plans to take the current Bitcoin Dog coin price to approximately $1 long-term. So whoever minted Runestone early and has held it till now, its value is approximately $10,000 USD and in the coming times, the way Runestone is increasing in dominance, it will seem that $DOG and Runestone NFTs will be liked by the Bitcoin community. So for now, Runestone holders will get up to 80% of their profits from Runestone. Later, when Runestone holders launch $Dog and Memekins, their profits could reach $10M+ from around $200. Apart from this, $DOG (Bitcoin) will have the highest market cap after Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki, or Bonk, which will make all Runestone holders millionaires. Because the price of one runestone will be more than $10000 USD and also the price of 1 $DOG can go up to $1. Runestone holders will get the most benefit in an airdrop, swap, and NFT burning.  Just as we wrote in our previous articles Runestone will have to be invested in some new projects, in the same way now $DOG can also make a new Bitcoin rally which is much bigger and can become 100X profitable.

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