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Iran–Israel Proxy Conflict Huge Global Impact by Debt Rise, Israel-Arab War in 2024 : Israel Gaza War

Will Global Debt Rise, Persian Gulf, and Red Sea Trade Routes, Israel Arab War, Muslim Brotherhood joins Hamas, Israel Vs US Election?, Israel Egypt War, Israel Attacks Rafah Crossing.


Due to the recent war between Israel and Gaza, proxy wars are still going on between Israel and Iran. Because of this Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthi together are continuously attacking Israel, because of which Iran and many Gaza-supporting countries still believe that the US and the world should stand against Israel before the ICC (International Criminal Court), ICJ, and the UN. Because right now Iran and Israel have gone ahead of direct war but Israel and Iran are still threatened by other countries because until there is no resolution between Iran, Israel, Gaza, and Hezbollah then Iran and Israel will try every possibility to launch a proxy war. That being said, many countries still fear that there may be a direct war between Iran and Israel, due to which they will have to suffer unnecessary losses in trade, oil, and economy. And this is clearly visible in the way protests, clashes, and violence are taking place in the US, Europe, and the world. In the future, Israel may also have the intention to start a war with Hamas, Houthi, and Hezbollah. The way Israel is trying to attack Gaza and Rafah, it is clear that in the future Israel’s own people will be against Israel which will greatly benefit Hezbollah and Hamas.

Will Global Debt Rise, Persian Gulf, and Red Sea Trade Routes, Israel Arab War, Muslim Brotherhood join Hamas, Israel Vs US Election?

The recent war between Israel and Gaza will not only harm the Middle East but will also increase debts, inflation, and unemployment in the entire world. Because in the recent Pro-Palestine Protest, opposition leaders of US and European Governments are also taking advantage of it. Because now there is pressure on Israel from many countries, and because of this, the US too may have to leave Israel in the future. Because it is believed that the way Iran is strengthening its defense, economy, and financial power in the future, Israel will suffer a huge loss in the future due to which a Middle East War could cost Israel approximately $400b USD. It does not seem that Israel’s military operation at the Rafah crossing will yield much results because in the future Egypt and Israel may also come face to face due to Israeli operations at the Rafah crossing. Israel believes that Hamas fighters mostly belong to the Muslim Brotherhood but the Muslim Brotherhood group officially belongs to Egypt.

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