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About Us


Who We are?

We are an Indian-American based News/Media company which we have created on 2017 found in 2020. We focus on writing Blogs, Publishing content, Analyzing, Health care, Science-tech, Education and Motivation at the new generation life of the beginners.

“A person needs a new alternatives in their world so that he can achieve something after a lot of struggle in his life.”

In the same way, there are some peoples in media who still struggle in the world to show the truth, and there are many journalists who are always analyzing everything.


What do we do?

We are writing news, publishing blogs and analyzing-opinion for everything, tips for health and awareness from any epidemic or disease. Discovering gadgets and research on science, that can be give you specific knowledge.And we want everyone to be motivate with different types of knowledge and we work hard to get education. If understand in simple language, we are a publisher who wants to write articles on our site RKMTIMES, And we always do research and share it with our followers and subscribers.



We will try to make motivated our world for a well-informed information and we want this world to always give attention to good news and we want the world’s little peoples can believe in right information. when you seems something like you are in so confused or you don’t believe what’s happening exactly, The world is very big, it keeps sharing something. but in this world you should give attention to every news or media to make yourself Motivate.

“In the same way, we are also like you when we feel that we are confused, then we also start doing research”

There is a lot in this world, which helps you reach right and truthful News, Science, Health and Lifestyle. Apart from this, we also focus more on education which is your needy and you can consider it a part of your life. but it is not only for “blog”, it’s for your motivational knowledge. For example, people who study or they already have trust in that field, how long fake news or false news can last in front of them. we are going to repeat once again that people should always be given such knowledge that they can know humanity, education and future.

” Our mission is to listen to everyone, so that every human voice in the world gets justice.”

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