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BRICS invests in Neom City in infrastructure and manufacturing Sectors : Israel-Iran War

BRICS and European Union Investing in Saudi Arabia’s Economy and Neom City, Israel-Iran War, Why are BRICS countries investing in Neom City, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East?.


Recently, a big announcement is about to be made regarding BRICS and the new city of Saudi Arabia, which may be very worrying for the European Union and the US. It is said that in the future if the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors of Neom City or Saudi Arabia are developed like this, by 2030 Saudi Arabia can become the largest economy in the world. This is a special thing that if the GDP or capital wealth of Saudi Arabia reaches $40 Trillion then Saudi Arabia will be the richest and most developed country in the world and can also be the headquarters of the top 1000 companies in the future. Along with this, Saudi Arabia’s economy will be the largest debtfree, financially free, and profitable economy. Along with this, the Middle East is going to become the biggest economic, financial, and business hub in the coming few years. Today we see that even though the US GDP is $27 trillion, US debt is also around $34 trillion, which is quite risky. So in the next few years, if BRICS and Middle Eastern countries continue to move together or keep increasing investment, the highest inflation is going to come to the US and the European Union.

Why are BRICS countries investing in Neom City, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East?

However, in the future, if Neom City is fully developed, many countries of the world can bring their business and companies to Saudi Arabia, due to which the economies of the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa can also get a boost. However, apart from the official countries China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa, many countries in the Middle East are also participants in BRICS. Actually, BRICS countries are now increasing investment, business, and financial services in collaboration with many countries. Due to this now European, Union, American, and BRICS countries can join hands for investment and economic corridors inside Saudi Arabia. BRICS investments coming to Saudi Arabia will harm Iran, Turkey, and many other countries that depend on USD and Russian trade routes. If by 2030 there are further developments on the basis of BRICS financially and business then in the future BRICS and European Union can also establish investments and economic ties on future projects of Saudi Arabia.

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