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China buying India’s largest Solar, Energy, and Solar Modules Industry : India China Trade

India Imports Huge Solar Modules from China, Why is China Investing or Buying Energy, Solar, and Renewable sectors of India by 2025?, basic customs duty (BCD) on China, India’s Energy, Solar, and Renewable sectors of 2025. Chinese investors, manufacturing, energy.


Currently, political and geopolitical relations between China and India are eyes but China’s plan is on solar production in India and South Asian countries. Which in the future can manage the world’s largest solar production for China along with India, Pakistan, and Indo-Pacific countries. Due to this, recently the solar energy sectors of India have claimed that now Indian PV producers can be imported from China. Which is one of the largest growth countries for Indian and Chinese investors, manufacturing, energy, and renewable sources. So now I believe that in the future there are very important steps for PV Solar and Indian Solar companies who can now do Imports/Exports with China. India banned China’s products a few years ago India does not need China’s solar module imports but now again Indian companies are planning to import China’s solar modules. Due to this, it is believed that India is going to become completely dependent on China’s solar and energy or PV Products in the coming few years. Due to this, there may be a big blow to Make in India and Indian manufacturing and energy sectors.

Why is China Investing or Buying Energy, Solar, and Renewable sectors of India by 2025?

India is also the largest importer of China’s solar modules which include Tabber and stringer, Layup, Lamination, Framing, and Testing kits. Which is considered to be the cheapest and best quality for India. By the year 2023, India will have imported about $1.26 billion worth of Solar Modules from China, and in the next few years, India’s Solar Module imports may be from China. Recently, many countries in the world have been importing solar models from China, which is very important for the renewable energy of their countries. But now the question is why China wants to invest in India’s solar, energy, and renewable sectors. However, China does not want to make any investment in India’s Energy, Solar, and Renewable sectors. China wants India to remain dependent on China in PV products and Solar modules. Anyway, India’s biggest imports are from China which is much cheaper and advanced than other countries. But now Solar and Energy experts believe that by 2030, India’s imports of Solar Modules, PV, and Solar Products from China could reach almost $20 Billion USD. Which can make India’s own energy sectors and its own ‘Make in India‘ dependent on China. As of now, around 40% of basic customs duty (BCD) has been imposed on China’s Solar Module imports from the Indian side, but now Indian companies can reduce the basic customs duty (BCD) on these imports.

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