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Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan rose from Europe and Middle Eastern countries : Pakistan’s GDP

Europe and Middle East investing in Pakistan amid Israel Iran Tensions, Why are European, Middle Eastern, and American countries investing in Pakistani brands, companies, and stocks?, Top Exports of Pakistan, rise in Europe.


Recently, after the coming of the Shahbaz Sharif government of Pakistan, now the investment of many countries of the world is continuously increasing in Pakistan. Due to this, along with China, Pakistan, and the Middle East, European countries are also taking interest in foreign direct investment in Pakistan. Recently Qatar, China, Norway, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the EU have almost doubled their investment in Pakistan. Actually, all these countries are investing in Pakistan’s textile, leather, sports goods, chemicals, carpets, and rugs business. For now all European, American, Middle Eastern, and East Asian countries believe that increasing imports from Pakistan will be very profitable for reselling, branding, and exports in the future. Not only the Middle East but many countries of the world are now increasing exports and foreign direct investment from Pakistan. Due to this, competition may arise in the future between India, Pakistan, and China regarding trade, manufacturing, and exports. Due to continuous Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan, in the future, there will be big competition between India and Pakistan for trade, manufacturing, and investment.

Why are European, Middle Eastern, and American countries investing in Pakistani brands, companies, and stocks?

Till now, due to the global situation, crisis, politics, geopolitics, and war, big countries of the world have had to invest in Pakistani brands, manufacturing, textiles, leather, sports goods, chemicals, and carpets to avoid inflation. Also, all the rice, sugar, cotton, fish, fruits, and vegetables sectors of Pakistan are also getting foreign direct investment which will be quite profitable for Pakistani GDP, Economy, and Foreign Reserve. Because for now there are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and many other countries in South Asia which can be quite profitable due to the IsraelMiddle East conflict. Because most of the interest of external investors is increasing in Pakistan because its geography is the best. Pakistan also has good relations with China, India, Afghanistan, Iran and many Asian countries which can be very important economically, geographically, and for business in the future. Along with this, Pakistan’s dominance in cutlery, surgical instruments, electrical appliances, software, ice cream, livestock meat, and chicken exports is also continuously increasing. Secondly, Pakistan, European, African, and American countries are getting an opportunity to connect with China, India, Japan, and Russia.

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