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Google AdSense accepts Bitcoin, USDT and Crypto Payments for International : AdSense News

Google AdSense Accepting Bitcoin and USDT for International payments, Why Google will pay in Bitcoin and Crypto to Bloggers, Content Writers, monetization websites, and freelancers?, top US Adversting or Monetization platforms accept Bitcoin and Crypto payments. Best Blogging, Freelancing and Online Business with Bitcoin and USDT. Make money online at home with Google AdSense, taboola and Amazon Digital Marketing.


Currently, I see the biggest online works and payments solution for Crypto, Creators, Developers, and SEO till 2025 Google Adsense or many advertising platforms, marketing, and business platforms. Now you can use Bitcoin, Crypto, or Forex/Crypto gateway for online payments. In the future, Bitcoin and Crypto payment acceptance will be quite possible for online creators, freelancers, bloggers, SEO and keywords-based entrepreneurs or startups. For now, Google and all its brands are not showing any specific approach towards Bitcoin and Crypto solutions, but if there is any change in Crypto Dominance, Forex/USD crash in other parts of the world, or due to payments interest or taxes, Google Company will take action against its creators. Crypto or Blockchain technology can be used to send and receive payments. However, the top US companies do not have any special connection with Crypto or blockchain payments because the US Government, or the international ones, will not focus much on Google’s blockchain technology to save their local currencies. But now if we see a big rise in top banks, firms, funding sources and international currency, a company like Google will be the first to try to take advantage of this thing.

Why Google will pay in Bitcoin and Crypto to Bloggers, Content Writers, monetization websites, and freelancers?

We are trying to make big changes for future payments, business, financial, and banking solutions, but if the US government accepts BitcoinETFs and Crypto in the financial and business sectors then Google will consider Crypto or Blockchain. Because in the future, if Google does not work on the next upcoming technology, solutions, and securities, then there will be a lot of loss to the creator sectors of the whole world. Google is currently showing its future to the world of Blockchain, AI, and Metaverse and if Google does the same in real life then creators, developers, and top businesses will also have to go to the advanced level. For now, Google Adsense has other different Payments solutions in countries like Singapore, California, London, Switzerland, and Europe. But in the future, Google can create its own Digital Currency which will be very good for managing digital payments of Google and P/L of bills. Google currently uses SWIFT, Wise, Western Union, and Digital country-wise assets but after entering Blockchain technology, Google will get a clear way to maintain the Digital Payment solution. Other top advertising, sponsorship, and online business websites or payment platforms in the world have accepted Bitcoin and USDT as international payment but now Google is also leading the race.

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