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Will North Korea Vs China War in 2025, Yalu River and Yellow Sea Tension? : China Vs North Korea

Why are China and the US coming closer Against North Korea and Taiwan?, China Vs North Korea in 2025, US and China deal in Taiwan and North Korea, Kim Joung Un Vs CIA, Yalu River and Yellow Sea Tension in East Asia? China-Taiwan war, Chinese fishing boats.


Currently, a strange prediction is being made in which it is said that the Yalu River and Yellow Sea can one day create a war-like situation between China and North Korea. So in the coming future, we can see that if a war breaks out in Taiwan and the South China Sea, then China and North Korea can also come face to face. It is believed that due to illegal border crossing of refugees and people living between China and North Korea, now North Korea and China also seem to be very strict. Because for now, North Korea is the strictest country in the world and the rules are so strict that if even a little mistake is made, you and your family can be harmed by Kim Jong Un’s army. Those coming and going from North Korea by sea have the vision of Kim Jong Un, who is being told that China has the reputation of being a US, Taiwanese, and Western spy. North Korea has been a big partner and international supporter of China, Russia, and Iran, but if the matter of the country’s existence comes up, it is believed that in the future, Russia, China, and North Korea can fight each other. Both China and North Korea stand together against the US and the West, but currently, North Korea’s defense achievements are becoming a matter of concern to China, such as North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and the seizure of Chinese fishing boats.

Why are China and the US coming closer Against North Korea and Taiwan?

On the other hand, China probably does not trust North Korea and Russia as much as it trusts Western Allies. They wrote to the US that it has come forward to help Taiwan but in the future US will not be able to help East Asian countries, which means that if the US becomes economically dependent on China Europe will also suffer. Because North Korea and Russia are the biggest challenges for the US, it means that if there is a China-Taiwan war, the US will have to afford or aid a war with Taiwan as well as Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. And on the other hand, there are the CIA, China, Japan, South Korea, and others who want to keep their defense strong against North Korea. And now due to food shortage, financial losses, and strict laws in North Korea, many North Koreans are trying to leave the country and go to Europe, China, and Japan with the help of China. On the other hand, the US has imposed all kinds of sanctions on North Korea, due to which North Korea has to take China’s help in exporting. Well, North Korea has had enough of Kim Jong Un but the situation of the DPRK’s people is getting worse day by day because North Korea is also suffering. Kim Joung Un Fears, that China and the US together could make a deal against Taiwan and North Korea. And on the other hand, the ever-increasing presence of the US may pose a threat to the Korean Peninsula in the future.

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