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UAE and EU Investing $100 Billion in Afghanistan’s Agriculture, Coal and Grapes : Talibanes News

Why Middle East, China, and the European Union investing in Afghanistan or Talibanes economy?, BRICS removes Taliban form Terrorist Lists, Islamic Countries investing in Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s Agriculture, Coal and Grapes, Business in Afghanistan.


Recently the Prince of UAE has just visited Afghanistan, which is the first ArabAfghanistan visit. Due to this countries around the world now believe that Russia’s foreign aid has completely failed in Afghanistan. Because from the recent visit to Afghanistan, the world believes that Abu Dhabi and Kabul will be the top cities of the world in the coming future. Currently, it seems that the UAE and GCC countries are showing increasing interest in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will make great economic, defense, and financial progress in the coming few years. So in such a situation, it is believed that it is a big opportunity for UAE and Arab Countries to visit Afghanistan. Because recently the currency of Afghanistan has now giving a big fight to the Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and Indian and Pakistani Rupees. There was a time when people were running away in fear of Afghanistan, but now after the takeover of the Taliban, Afghanistan is going to make new progress. After the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan, now Afghanistan does not want to intervene in any regional war. Because of this, countries around the world like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and China will continue to increase their relations with the Taliban.

Why Middle East, China, and the European Union investing in Afghanistan or Talibanes economy?

Currently, due to the growth of Afghanistan’s economy under the Taliban and the progress of the Afghan currency, it is now being said that by 2030 Afghanistan will be the 5th largest economy in Asia. Due to the recent political, defense, border, and economic crisis in Pakistan, Afghanistan is the best economically performing country in the world instead of Pakistan and India. So now it is being said that in the future, GCC, OIC, and the European Union will also increase investment in Afghanistan. Due to this, the world’s top investors are now keeping an eye on Afghanistan after India. So it is believed that doing business with Afghanistan as well as in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and the Persian Gulf is becoming quite profitable. Recently it has also come to light that Afghanistan’s currency will become the strongest currency in Asia in 2024 after the last 10 years. In this way, by 2025, almost 100+ countries of the world will remove Afghanistan’s Taliban from the terrorist lists and will also make economic and defense deals in the future.

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