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Earn $100 per day on X, Write Articles, Increase Posts Impression, Bitcoin News: Twitter Monetization

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Recently, Twitter has revealed that it is now increasing all types of money-making strategies like Content monetization, Articles, Breaking News, Bitcoin news, and viral trends which will enough to generate revenue. As of now, a lot of revenue is being generated on Twitter by creating Bitcoin News, War, Events, Technology, Breaking News, Political, Science, Sports, and videos. But now after some time, Twitter can now provide monetization services to big websites, blogs, and thirdparty apps. So now, recently, many big and new creators are also earning more than the income they are getting on X (formerly Twitter). In which Twitter earns around $100 to $200 on every 1M+ impression. Because X is now not just a political and a normal Twitter but from X you can generate millions of USD. If you already have many followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Because if you have equal followers on Pass X and YouTube, you can monetize the same video or content from both places. If you do this, apart from YouTube, you will also generate a lot of income from Twitter. As of now, there is competition for revenue and users between X and many other social media platforms, whereas Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are decreasing day by day.

How to Earn $100 Per Day using X, Bitcoin News, and Website Monetization?

Also, if you are already generating income from your website and YouTube, you can generate the same income using X (Formerly Twitter). In which you will only need Impressions and without multiple ads, Twitter will give you a daily opportunity to earn thousands of USD. In which you will not have to face any kind of copyright, duplicate, or dummy content violation. Because on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, you may have to face problems regarding copyright and music infringements. But on Twitter (formerly Twitter) you get a chance to earn thousands of dollars without any violation. For everyone, there is a big trend going on Twitter posts like Bitcoin News, War, Israel-Hamas, Ukraine-Russia, Politics, AI, Cricket, and Technology in which you can earn more with less work. In all this, you also get freedom of speech on Twitter, where you can voice your opinion and also for someone’s rights. But now the question in people’s minds is how to earn $100 per day on X (Formerly Twitter). And there is a chance to write other articles on X. Where you can monetize it by writing articles on Twitter and can also create other trends in Google Search.

But for all this, you will have to do 3 things which we are telling you below.

  1. Increase your Impression up to 5M+ in 3 months
  2. Buy Twitter Blue by paying approximately $10 USD
  3. Get the first minimum of 500 Organic Followers

After that, you will now be able to apply for two applications in which firstly you have the option for Twitter ad share revenue and secondly for paid subscription. So now in such a situation, it seems that you will have to work a little harder and increase the impressions by increasing the number of top posts. And you can earn thousands of dollars sitting at home without much hard work. In such a situation, there are many Twitter creators who earn from single posts through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos.

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