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Indian Students going to study abroad, NEET result 2024, NEET exam, Medical Schools : NEET 2024

MBBS Vs NEET 2024, Medical Students, Why are Indian Students going abroad to complete Medical, MBBS, and NEET studies?, NEET Paper Leak, NEET UG Results, NEET Exam.


Recently, there has been a lot of turmoil going on in the medical education system in India regarding NEET exams, NEET results, and NEET paper leaks. With the help of this, millions of students of India are now planning to pursue their medical education in the UK, Georgia, Moldova, and top MBBS countries with less money, less time, and a better experience. Due to this, it is being said in the future that almost 2 Million students in India are now preparing to take MBBS and Degrees from abroad to fulfill the dream of NEET. Recently it has been told that Indians are continuously getting the most opportunities in the world for studying MBBS or NEET in terms of knowledge, experience, rights, finances, and employment. Currently Indian students have been told that the Indian Government is giving jobs, employment, and other packages to only 20K or 30K out of 2.5M students. Due to this India’s other NEET results and NEET paper leaks are raising a lot of questions in Indian Politics, Education System, Employment, and paper leaks. And especially medical students are now studying abroad again for a better career so that they can become something in the future. Due to this, Indian students now want to go to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the UK, Moldova, and Australia and are going to spend millions of dollars abroad in the future.

Why are Indian Students going abroad to complete Medical, MBBS, and NEET studies?

Although NEET officially belongs to India, now MBBS, and Medical Studies are popular in the minds of Indians. Because most of the Indian students believe that it is very difficult to get jobs and good positions and good salary in a medical career in India. However, Indians believe that all the medical students who come after studying from outside India get good jobs and salaries. Indian students get very cheap admission, study, and living arrangements in foreign countries. Due to this, they do not want their future and their strength to get spoiled due to paper leaks, the education system, and Fewer jobs in India. It is quite easy for a wealthier family in India to spend on NEET and Medical education in India but it is quite impossible for a middle-class family to join NEET again. Therefore, when Indian students go abroad, they want to do their studies at less expense so that they can get jobs and salaries in India in the future. They believe that the chances of the paper being leaked and Failure in foreign countries are very low. Because out of 2.5 million students in India, only 20,000 to 30,000 students are made finalists, whereas abroad, out of 1 million students, 100,000 students are made finalists. In other NEET students in India, the average time and money spent go up to $25,000 whereas Abroad, Jobs, Finalists, and Salaries are also available at the same cost of $10,000 USD.

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