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Palestine Exports Risen, Why Israel Stealing Gaza Crude Oil? : Israel Hamas War

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Currently, the question in the minds of many people is what Israel wants to do inside Gaza because, since 7th October, the Israeli army has failed to complete the Siege of Gaza. On the other hand, along with Hamas, Israel is also going to suffer huge losses which are going to cause huge losses in Israel’s GDP, Economy, Finance, and Exports in the future. Not only is Israel facing debt within its own country, but the debt of Israel and Europe is also continuously increasing. So, if for some reason the war ends between Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah, Israel will want to be able to do something to strengthen its economy, defense, and financial sectors. Israel does not export much compared to China, the US, and Russia and on the other hand, there is Iran which exports oil and agriculture worth around 100 USD to the rest of the world.

How does Israel Survive economically, in Wealth, and Financially, if Ceasefire in Region?

So now it is being said that how will Israel pay the cost of about $250 Billion to compensate for its economic losses? – On one side there is America and Europe which are trying to help Israel against Hezbollah and Hamas in the same way as Russia and Iran, while on the other side, Hamas is also continuously acting forcefully against Israel. But now many experts believe that Israel has imported almost billions of USD worth of Oil, Agriculture, Utilities, and plastics from Gaza because, after Iranian entry into Iraq, Israel started importing its oil and natural petroleum from Gaza. According to recent data, Israel has purchased approximately $5 Billion per annum USD worth of Oil and Natural Assets from Gaza or Hamas, which is considered very important for Israel’s economy. So many people believe that Israel now wants to capture some of the Crude Oil, Agriculture, and Plastic by seizing Gaza in the face of Oil and Natural Assets so that there can be another ceasefire with Gaza. In 2018, when Trump was President of the US, Israel also attacked Gaza and stole a lot of natural assets, but now Hamas has become stronger due to Iran, Russia, and China, which can defeat Israel in Gaza. Before 7th October, Gaza’s main economic exports were almost Crude Oil, Agriculture, Scrap iron, Plastic, Seats, furniture, Pure olive oil, and Handicrafts which is more than Israel’s total exports. There is no question of which assets Israel will steal from Gaza, but even in the Iraq and Syria war, the US and Israel together took out only Crude Oil, Natural Gas, petroleum, and Gold because they knew what is the economic value of Crude Oil or Gold.

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