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Nations to join BRICS to Improve Economy, Defence and Currency in 2025: BRICS News

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Recently, Thailand, Iran, and many Latin American countries can now include their countries in BRICS in the BRICS Summit. This will cause the biggest hurt to the USD and EUR, due to BRICS Currency, BRICS Defence, and BRICS Economic Corridor will also being included. Now BRICS is the scene of almost 100+ countries in the rest of the world which in the future with the help of China, India, and Russia will cause maximum damage to the EU and Pro-American corridor. However, now there will be maximum competition for the achievements of G20, G7, and NATO in the South China Sea, Middle East, South America, Mediterranean Sea, and Africa. And now BRICS will also include many pro and neutral countries who will join BRICS for their own benefit. If 50+ countries within BRICS join together by 2025, then in the future the dominance of US and European countries will have the biggest impact globally. However, the biggest benefits of BRICS will be to Iran, China, Venezuela, India, Syria, Russia, and North Korea which are currently facing US Sanctions and Western Economic boycotts.

Why are 100+ countries planning to join BRICS and ditch USD to ineffective US Sanctions?

Similarly, there are many benefits of joining BRICS like making US Sanctions ineffective, removing the USD from the Forex Reserve, and joining the world’s largest corridor, economy, and defense. Recently, there have been Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Belarus, Spain, Ireland, and many other countries which are either not with the US or are neutral. For now, the top countries of the whole world want that by joining BRICS so they can strengthen their GDP, Economy, and Defense in the future along with Russia, China, Iran, and India. But now in the future, all will have to do business, international payments, and trade in the official currency of BRICS in 100+ countries. Due to this Chinese Yuan, Brazil real, Indian Rupee, and Ruble will benefit the most. Due to this, the currency of 5 primary BRICS countries $USD, $YEN, and $EUR will be most impacted. Here, the Yuan and BRICS currencies will force the United States also to adopt their currency. It is possible that the largest holders of USD like Switzerland, India, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Saudi Arabia, and Japan can also replace their international currency with BRICS currency. It is possible that in the future, BRICS will have its own army, navy, air force, and currency, which will be the biggest challenge for Britain, France, and Germany.

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