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Saudi Arabia to Sell $50B Worth European Union Stocks, Biggest Stock Market Crash : NATO News

Why Saudi Arabia selling off European Stocks, Europe Freeze Russia Assets, Stock Market Crash in Europe, Biggest Stock market Crash in G20 and G7 Countries. European Union Stocks.


Currently, Saudi Arabia has threatened G7 or G20 countries that if NATO countries freeze Russian Assets then Saudi Arabia can sell off all its European stocks and stocks held inside G7 countries. So now it is being said that if Saudi Arabia and GCC countries start selling all the European Stocks then in the future a very big economic, financial, and stock market crisis can be created in the rest of Europe. The total bilateral trade in goods and investment of the Middle Eastern countries is approximately €75 million annually, which is considered most important for European Union Stocks. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has approximately $50B USD of investments across Europe, with the majority in Germany, the UK, France, Norway, and the Netherlands. Currently, the prince of Saudi Arabia has invested approximately $50B USD in his stocks, companies, and economic projects in France, Germany, Japan, the US, and Italy. Currently, the Prince of Saudi Arabia has threatened G7 and has given unconditional support to Russia because the relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia are considered very strong. Recently, both Saudi Arabia and Russia are the primary OPEC countries that run the oil, petroleum, and energy sectors in the future. Currently, NATO vs Russia is going on a Political war and economic war will destroy Russia’s wealth but along with Russia, the Middle East will also lose Oil and Petroleum Gas.

Why may Saudi Arabia sell European Stocks worth $50B USD, Will a Massive Stock Market Crash in Europe?

Because you would know that the European Union country had established G20 and G7 against Saudi Arabia. Because it is believed that if G7 and the European Union freeze Russian assets, Saudi Arabia’s investment in Russia will also suffer a huge loss. Because if the European Union freezes Russian assets, it will be difficult for Saudi Arabia to import Refined petroleum, Seed oils, Chocolate, Poultry meat, and Kraft paper from Russia. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is also a member of BRICS and G20, which can prevent Russia and Europe from jumping into a big war in the future. Recently, since the RussiaUkraine war started, Saudi Arabia has invested a huge amount in Russian fuel and Russian energy companies. If Russian assets are frozen by the European Union and together, then it will be very difficult for Saudi Arabia to do transactions with Russia. Recently I told that Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Aramco, Al Rajhi Bank, SABIC, is a kingdom holding company that continuously increases its Foreign Direct Investment network with Russia. Along with this, the OPEC+ countries will suffer huge losses if Europe freezes all Russian assets.

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