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Torah Jewish members of US Congress want CeaseFire in Gaza : Israel Hamas War

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Currently, in many other states of the US, Torah Jewish people have expressed their support for an independent Palestine due to Israel’s PM Netanyahu and the US’s involvement in Gaza. Recently, have come to know that the US Congress members of the Democratic Party of the US Congress, keeping an eye on the actions being taken by Israel in Gaza, have announced an immediate ceasefire from the logo of the US Congress. Because Torah Jews have always supported Israel, Palestine, and each other for peace and Jewish brotherhood. Recently, Torah Jews have also protested outside Israel against Netanyahu’s party to end the war and bring hope to peace in the Middle East and Israel. The US Congress declared the largest Hasidic Jewish community in the world to be anti-Semitic due to its opposition to Zionism and Israel. This decision of the US Congress is clearly hostile to Torah Judaism. Recently the US has canceled US visas for Radical Israeli and Hamas supporters and it seems that if the Israel-Hamas war continues for a long time we may see a major change before the US Elections.

Why Torah Jewish does matter in the US win the US Election 2024?

Because there are more Torah Jews within it than the Jews living in Israel and Europe, who hold a huge stake in the US Congress. And in such a situation, if the US Election of 2024 is held Torah Jewish is supported and the leaders of other parties are encouraged, then due to the Jewish population in the US, any party in the US can be defeated by huge votes. Recently Torah Jewish has formed a good friendship and brotherhood with the Palestinian US congress members and they believe that the Palestinians are fighting for their rights they are demanding that Netanyahu withdraw the army from Gaza and bring a new peace to the Middle East and among Palestinians. Because friendship with the Middle East is more important for Israel than the US and Europe.

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