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Palestine Collects $500M from the US, United States enters into Inflation, Unemployment, Popularity, Capitalism, economic losses

Israel hamas War badly affecting US economy, Unemployment, Capitalism, business losses, Elon Musk Vs Walmart, Top companies to stop advertising on X, business, popularity, employment, revenues, one-sided economic capitalism, US Vs Palestine or Ukraine, The Weeknd, Top US Celebrity donation to Palestine, BlackRock Vs Elon Musk, Twitter/X Informations Platform.


Currently, global donation for Palestine is going on in the US, Europe, and Africa top celebrities have donated millions of USD on their behalf and can do so in the future. Many singers, musicians, actors, and songwriters have supported Israel in their careers outside the US. Still, now due to Israel’s recent actions, more and more celebrities in the US are interested in supporting Palestine. Some celebrities believe that we are not only supporting Palestine from today but for the past years we have already helped the Palestinian people, the people of West Bank and Gaza. The entire Israel-Hamas war is affecting not only the US politically but also economically like Walmart, CocaCola, Jeep, Merck and Unilever, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Sony. Palestine may Collect up to $500M from US celebrities after The Weeknd donated $2.5M to the West Bank. Palestine is now getting the support of big and big celebrities, so Palestine’s $1M to $500M matters a lot but US funding of $20B annum to Israel does not matter much because Israel is at war today. Recently, Elon Musk has also said that the chances of X/Twitter losing are very high revenue but this is an opportunity for Elon Musk to make Twitter/X a Rights & Information platform.

Why US entering into deep Popularity, Capitalism, Unemployment, economy, and business losses?

On the other hand, many people on the other side of the US, including Hamas, have become disillusioned with the other Jews in the US, Israeli politics, and the owners of top Jewish companies, for supporting Israel and perpetrating genocide. On one side are Elon Musk and his boycotters and on the other side are unemployment, business losses, and free Palestine. Within the US, many people are opposing Hamas and many are supporting Palestine. Right now, no matter what is happening inside the US, its conclusion is yet to be drawn, because everywhere, be it business, popularity, employment, revenues, one-sided economic capitalism is going on in the US just because of Palestine and Israel. But till now it is not known who is getting the real benefit of whatever is happening there because of IsraelHamas in the US. The answer to this is no one because money is flowing out of the US, whether it is for Palestine or Ukraine, just money is flowing out of the US, which means that the big banks of the US are controlling it. Because within the US people are now after the progress of others. Meaning, that Elon Musk, Walmart, and those big companies feel that the Israel-Hamas war is a complicated economic war for entire America. Meaning in short, if you understand that America is being affected by its own people while foreign companies have been generating good revenue for the last 2 months.

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