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Jewish & Muslim Arabs are dancing together in UAE & Jerusalem in the Middle East

Jewish & Muslim in UAE, Palestinian & Israeli forces handshake in Jerusalem. Israel Protests against rullers, West bank, Gaza Strip conflict, Israel in UAE, Jordan, Egypt & Saudi Arabia, Arab Israeli dance together.


The top Israel Peace that Israelis who talks about peace in the Middle East to stop the war and make a new relationship between those countries to become great together in development, creativity, defense & solve the issue of Jerusalem and global Jewish-Muslim racisms. in Early 2023, large-scale protests have been taking place across Israel in response to the ruling government’s push for a wide-ranging judicial overhaul. UAE is the most friendly country of Israel to have defense, investment, and beautiful relations between each country from many years in partnerships and developments.

In this video, we can see, UAE & Jerusalem Muslim Children dancing with Israeli forces in Jerusalem and dancing people in UAE. Many Israeli are thinking about peace in the Middle East to move forward with brotherhood aboard and near the Gaza Strips, Jerulams, West Banks, and Golan Heights of Syria Border to stop the war between Arabs and Israel on the border and Europe.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt & Jordan are most friendly countries in Israel to share defense, trade, and investing strategy and all those countries are goes enemy of Israel takes any strong decision about Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israeli & Arabs mostly does business & economic trades with Arabs instead of EU & United States or China.

Israelis are says, Israeli army are loves treat Palestinian people like this and also helps those to hand shake and support each. Some Arabs are tolds, Israel is the enemy of all Palestine Muslims and they told, Israel too attacked on the innocents of Palestian in West Bank. Some Israelis, are sharing the voice to share the peaceful relations with each other countries of neighborhood.

Some Palestinians are saying, Israelis are attacking on their worship or innocent because of during changing power of Politics. Some month ago, Israelis are had a large-scale protest against ruling government’s push for a wide-ranging judicial overhaul.

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