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Japan’s Government Debt Soar up to 300% in 2023, Japan Interests, Taxes more than US Debt : Japan Economy

Why China’s Yuan will destroy Japan’s Economy and Japan’s Moody’s Score?, Japanese government Debt, US Dollar Reserve for Japan, US Sanctions for Japan, US Debt from Japan. Japan’s Moody’s Score, Japan’s Economy collapse in Japan’s currency, stocks, currencies, forex, and investments.


According to recent reports, Japan’s government has the highest debt in the world and it is believed that due to the continuous fall of Japan’s currency, stocks, currencies, forex, and investments around the world are going to be in danger. It seems that big investors and local taxes on Japan can be increased by a few percent because Japan is the only country in the world whose government has the highest debt in the world. However, it is true that due to this much debt being imposed on the Japanese government, it is news that Japan’s Moody’s Score is quite good because many countries do not even get this much loan from Moody’s Institutions. There is so much debt on the Government of Japan that it can directly force the Japanese people to impose higher interest rates and taxes on the country’s local investors, forex traders, transportation, and retailers. Why is China Investing huge in Japan and South Korea’s Economy?

Why China’s Yuan will destroy Japan’s Economy and Japan’s Moody’s Score?

Although Japan’s Currency, Foreign Reserve is still more in USD, bad news will not come for Japan towards US and Western countries, but if China replaces the US in other wars in Asia, Debt, and Forex then it will affect Japan. As long as USD has international dominance till then, if the day the Chinese Yuan overtakes USD then there are chances of Japan’s economy falling rapidly because Japan’s biggest financier will give the value of your Forex reserves to China’s Yuan. BRICS will create an option for all Arab League, Russia, Africa, and South America to operate USD and Yuan together. But it will be very difficult for Japan to do a Forex deal with China because of fear of US Sanctions. So this will lead to complicated steps for Japan from both China and that side. Anyway, the biggest revenue of the Japanese government is international taxes, local taxes, and stamp revenues, which are quite low for the Japanese government.

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