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China Investing Huge in Japan and South Korea to Beat US & EU Interests in Indo-Pacific: China Vs US

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Recently, China has brought investment plans from its side in which it is increasing partnerships within the IndoPacific countries including Japan and South Korea. Most of the investment is going to countries like Japan and South Korea so that in the future China can become a strong economic partner of Japan and South Korea, in which they can eliminate American interest across Indo-Pacific. By investing in Japan and South Korea, China will also get a big advantage that the stance of all Indo-Pacific countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and East Turkmenistan will remain neutral. Japan, South Korea, and India-Indo Pacific countries may lose interest in the US & Western countries and this will benefit China on both sides. In Machinery, electronic components, integrated circuits, cars, nuclear reactors, and many facilities related to motor vehicles, parts and accessories, photo lab equipment, and items from Japan and South Korea, giving China the opportunity to become the biggest trading partner.

Why are China & US Investing in Indo-Pacific Countries?

By the way, the work that America is doing for China is done by Japan and South Korea, and Indo-Pacific countries also can do it cheap and affordable. On the other hand, China can also make big economic strategies for countries like South Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia from their side, like today US & China are superpowers and also economically strong. So, if Chinese investment in Japan increases by up to 45%, China can effectively eliminate US interests, just as the Chinese Yuan has weakened EURO and YEN. Because after the USD and Euro, whatever strong currency is the Japanese Yen, China’s rapid investments or partnerships with Japan, it is the biggest threat to the US, Europe, and Asian financial system. Currently, the Chinese Yuan has rapidly overtaken the EUR, YEN, and many international forexes, and it is believed that the Chinese Yuan can become the international currency of the world till 2028.

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