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India & UAE takes a massive step to revolutionize trade, Army Air Forces, National Currency, Cross Border Relation, Education, Financial, Economic & Climate

G20 countries to invest in India, Economic, Climate, Financial, Cross border payments, own national currency to trade international export or import, Best countries to invest in India, UAE India relations, Korea & Japan Invest in top countries. Get Citizenship in USA, Korea, Saudi, UAE, India & China by investing in their country. UPI payments in UAE & EU countries.


In the first time in the history of UAE & India relations, UAE takes the biggest steps to partner to India with revolutionize, Exports & Import Trades, Investments, National Currency, Business, Education, and Cross Border relations. to grow together by simply ignoring $USD & other international currencies to make new strategies with India & UAE relation in the business and other corporations. UAE are almost the most ties with Pakistan, China, India, Russia, USA & EU countries to grow together with their technology, Security, Development, and creativity to attract the world. As we see, UAE is the first country who has most powerful economy, friendly ties, partnerships, top Investors, Businessmen, Zero Tax Policy in the country.

World’s top Companies are looking to invest in UAE?

Top companies are looking to invest in UAE & Stay in the UAE by getting their own Citizenship on their business. UAE is only the country to have beautiful Geographic & Investing, Tier & Supply chain ways to make a new business strategy with all the world. There are most numbers of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans who work and gets the best labor job or businessmen ideas because UAE every day makes something without interfering in the global tensions & geopolitics of the world.

UAE developing without interfering in any geopolitical tensions of the world.

Due to Iran, Israel & Saudi Arabia & other global political or tensions, UAE thinks about new friendly countries to keep make safety plans during the world war or focus on the world’s attractions to make new ideas by investing in all the world’s top countries like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Russia & other countries to make new strategy from each other countries.

UAE always does partnerships with others to create new friendly relations and increase demand of UAE’s relations and make new strategic cooperation in all the regions of the world. UAE is first country to handle the all relation under US pressure and other country relations or tension keep away the whole UAE from any issues.

India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, EU & Canada going to invest in UAE with their own currency instead of $USD.

IndiaUAE to Build a new strategy about both National Currencies, signed agreements to use both currencies for international trade, reducing transaction costs and time, Realtime crossborder links, and faster and safer transfers for people in both countries, Education collaborations with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in Abu Dhabi to boost innovations to both countries, India and UAE are joining forces to tackle climate change in between both countries, signed agreements to establish a new Economic Landscape, Simplify financial, strengthen ties between India & UAE to cooperate each other countries. India’s own UPI could be the new world’s first India’s own payments system to payment abroad businesses of citizens out of the country. There are a of payment systems like UnionPay, and Mir Pay, and all the global payments apps & digital global payment systems are looking to integrate with each other to ignore top world currency.

In Asia, Both countries are ready or excited to work together on developments in trade, education, security, army forces, help, and increase investments on exports and imports about Discounts and sustainability in the south Asia to develop both together. In the G20 summit in India on September 2023, India & UAE to discuss all One Earth, One Family, One Future in real life with the future in the world.

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