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Hostages kidnapped by Hamas are not going back to Israel, Reality of Israel, Hostages become a headache for Netanyahu. : Israel Hamas Hostages

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Recently, a deal has been made between Israel and Hamas on Hostages, Ceasefire, and Humanitarian Aid in which it is stated that Israel has now maintained a ceasefire on Hostages for 5 days. But along with that, a strange thing is going viral on the internet in which some women & children, and foreigners who were kidnapped by Hamas, now all want to stay inside Gaza instead of going to Israel. There is also a deal between Israel and Hamas to exchange the hostages, but now all the Palestinians who have been released from Israel’s side are feeling happy. After the HamasIsrael hostages in Gaza or Tel Aviv, are the hostages now happy to want to return to Israel or not? – In a recent video, the 1 girl who was with the Hamas fighters said that she does not want to go back to Israel now.

Why Israeli and Foreign Hostages don’t want to leave Gaza or Hamas?

So now there are two questions on this, do the Israeli hostages want to take the war forward by staying within Hamas or do they not want to go to Israel at all? – That is if the Hostages do not want to go to Israel or they want to give Netanyahu a message by staying inside Hamas. Recently, there have been many reports in the media around the world that Hamas is torturing common people. But isn’t the time now right for Hamas and the people living in Gaza or can Hamas launch another major attack on Israel? -Is this possible? However, if Iran, Lebanon, and Hamas do not want a two-way solution, then perhaps Hamas can make such a mistake again. But after all, can those girls who are living as hostages in Hamas raise their voices against Israel or Netanyahu? – And can the Hostages who are coming free from Hamas now become a problem for Netanyahu? – So this Israel-Hamas deal has raised many big questions.

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