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Elon Musk and XCOM to launch and invest in their own crypto & Stock trading platform to offer on Twitter.

Elon Musk’s new stock exchange, Twitter to trade Stocks, Buy Stocks & Bitcoin or Crypto on XCOM or Twitter, to beat NASDAQ, NYSE & world’s top crypto/Stock exchages.


World’s top richest man Elon Musk looking to launch their own crypto, stocks, and other investing opportunities on his own Xcom or Twitter Platforms to increase new thoughts on his own research, investing, and developments with his own financial corporation. In the early days, Elon Musk’s top company Twitter migrated to and all the features with XTwitter.

In the statements with gestures or sources from social media, the most of top financial experts are thoughts, Elon Musk may launch their own crypto/Stock trading platform at the end of the year 2023. Elon Musk’s twitter posts are already telling a brightness about the future of XCOM with new ideas, features, developments, and increasing the new technology with an old-fashioned Twitter. The Tesla, SpaceX, Boeing, PayPal, and top stocks holders of Elon Musk companies are may lose a technical support because most of the users want to join XCOM to settle their all investments, profit and losses.

Some Telsa & Elon Musk-friendly users might join the XCOM Stock Exchange to withdraw from NYSE, NASDAQ & top stock Brokers because Elon Musk may provide Crypto and Digital Assets friendly options to their users of future. The Source of Internet says, Elon Musk planning about Dogecoin and own Crypto or Stock Exchanges to beat the top Stock Exchanges of World.

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