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Why is the SEC taking so much time on bitcoin ETFs?, Will Accept BlackRock, Microstrategy, Coinbase? : Bitcoin News

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Recently we have seen that the SEC has been continuously postponing the Bitcoin ETF applications for the last year, so what could be the result of this? – Will the SEC approve Bitcoin ETFs of Grayscale, BlackRock, and Fidelity? – So its answer even today is ‘maybe’. So does this mean that crypto industries, Bitcoin funds, banks, Institutions, and financial sectors will have to wait longer or is it certain that Bitcoin funds will be available in 2024? – So its answer is “maybe“, which means that we should not read daily news about the SEC and the US Congress. Currently, SEC has attended 2 consecutive meetings this month with GrayScale. Can SEC & GrayScale not agree to Bitcoin ETFs or does SEC not want Bitcoin ETFs to be found? – So its answer is ‘maybe’.

What I should do Before Bitcoin ETFs are approved by the SEC?

You should believe in yourself more than the SEC, US Congress, US Banks, Financial Sectors, Institutions, BlackRock, and Fidelity. Because currently, we have been seeing for the last 10 years that Bitcoin has not come under anyone’s pressure and will not come under anyone’s pressure. So you should always know that it is not in anyone’s power to stop or control Bitcoin. So what does SEC want from all these crypto exchanges, Bitcoin Trust, Grayscale, MicroStrategy, and many other Bitcoin-based companies? – So the answer to this is that US Treasury, Congress, Grayscale, and USD. We just buy and sell after getting some profit and still, we are thinking about Bitcoin ETFs from the SEC and US side while holding. Because till now your eyes have been only on Bitcoin ETF but have you thought about what changes applied from SEC has made to Bitcoin ETF in the last year’s movements? – No. If you want to think about Bitcoin ETFs then you will have to think about global financial, USD, debt, and many other businesses. Because even after getting Bitcoin ETF and Bitcoin resources, the SEC does not know how much its impact will be on the whole world. 

Why SEC accuses Binance, Justin Sun may accuse Microstrategy Bitcoin Trust.

In both the cases of Grayscale and SEC, it is being said that the SEC is continuously targeting big Crypto Exchanges to control Bitcoin prices. However, in the case of Grayscale, it is difficult to tell how much bitcoin will Grayscale take as securities, Bitcoin ETFs, and Digital Value to approve Bitcoin ETFs application. Because SEC itself wants to maintain 25% to 50% dominance in Bitcoin alone in terms of virtual assets in the future there is no financial loss for companies like USD, US companies, Banks, US Interests Abroad, and BlackRock. Because now the mining of Bitcoin is about to be 90% complete, there is also a chance for SEC that no one can control the supply of 50% of Bitcoin without SEC and the United States. Because now if the SEC gives Bitcoin approval then there will be loss only for US banks and institutions because more than the US, other countries have Bitcoins in thousands of common people. They know that if the price of Bitcoin rises to US$250,000 alone, it can only be harmful to the US economy because US banks want to take ETFs but managing the risk on Bitcoin is not even in the hands of the SEC. However, in the future, SEC may also partner with MicroStrategy if the price of Bitcoin reaches $100K. For now, the SEC is accusing all US and outside of USbased private companies, Crypto Holders, and Crypto programs so that US investments do not see losses in the future. If a take a common man invests $1000 USD then there is no issue for the SEC but if a common man has crypto holdings worth up to $1 Billion then it can cause harm to the SEC and the global economy. 

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