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Yemen’s Currency YER/USD SkyRocket amid Israel-Gaza war, Asia and EU Banned Israel and Red Sea conflict : Israel Iran War

Israel Vs Western Countries, Singapore end link with israel, Why did Singapore and top Asian countries end relations with Israel for crossing Red Sea and Suez Canal?, Asia and EU end relations with Israel and Red Sea conflict. Iran vs Israel in Mediterranean Sea.


Currently, Yemen’s currency is continuously skyrocketing against the USD in which Yemeni Rial (YER) is also performing in the list of the world’s top currencies. Currently, due to the proxy or direct war going on between Israel, Gaza and Yemen, Yemen’s currency, Yemeni Stocks, or investments in the economy from other Indo-Pacific, African, Asian, and European countries are surging. Currently, Chinese, Singaporean, Pakistani, Indonesian, and Indo-Pacific countries are maintaining investment and ties with the Yemeni government, due to which many of the ships or vessels passing through the Red Sea are being operated by the Houthis. Recently Singapore, China, and Asian countries have ended their relations with Israel and are giving importance to relations with Egypt and Yemen.

Why did Singapore and top Asian countries end relations with Israel for crossing Red Sea and Suez Canal?

Currently, Asian top developed countries believe that this will continue for a very long time between Israel, Iran, Yemen, Gaza, and Palestine and hence each country is taking necessary steps for their own countries. Because Singapore, China, Japan, and Korea believe that if their countries or Asian countries are harmed if Israel and Hamas go to war, they can end all relations from Israel to the Red Sea and Yemen. This is what appears to be happening, with Singapore’s top vessels severing their links to Israel and showing the Houthi map that they do not have any relations with Israel. which has difficulty passing through the Red Sea for them. And it seems now Europe, North Africa, Middle East are also doing the same because now the US and Europe also want Israel not to go to war with Hezbollah because now Iran, Lebanon, and Syria may create Such situations in the Mediterranean Sea.

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