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Yemen May Send Defense Aid to Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas War, Operation Prosperity Guardian Failed : Israel vs Yemen

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Currently, Yemen’s Houthis are also coming forward to provide strong support to Gaza in which they can provide Defense Aid to the Palestinian resistance of Gaza, Hamas, and many Pro-Palestinian fighters. Currently, Yemen’s Houthi and Yemeni Army are looking for many ways to provide aid to the people of Gaza like the Red Sea, Suez Canal, and Persian Gulf. Because in the current situation, many countries in coalition with the US have refused to send Warships and it seems that the US may also withdraw from Operation Prosperity Guardian. Because at this time all the European, African, and US-allied countries are loudly condemning Israel and America so that the Gaza-Israel war can be stopped. But now for the first time, it appears that the US’s Operation Prosperity Guardian has failed because, after the US entry into the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, a world war-like situation may arise.

Why the US and Europe Withdraw from Operation Prosperity Guardian?

As we are seeing the Israel-Gaza War, Hezbollah-Israel War, Houthi-Israel and Iran-Israel war are becoming very difficult for US and Israel. Currently, the US’s biggest Operation Prosperity Guardian has also started to spread, in which almost many countries of Europe are hesitant to send their warships. And now the situation in Red Sea, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria is becoming very difficult and the US does not want there to be a threat to Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait, because there is a threat to them because the Arab countries believe that That is, if there is an Iran-US war, they will also have to enter the war because of US bases. Yes, the US will also face defeat in the IsraelIran war and if Iran targets any Arab country due to US Army bases, it can take major action against the US in Arab countries which may include withdrawing 50000+ US Soldiers to the Middle East. And US exit from the Middle East at this time is like increasing the threat to Israel and making a great defeat to the US army.

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