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Will there be a coup in Russia, Putin empire or Russian Soldiers betrayal, top mercenary group in World?

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The Russia’s politics, ukrainerussian tensions, mercenary group, paramilitary organization crisis in Russian federation are increasing everyday new thoughts against Putin & Army. Wagner Group siezed whole Moscow and top Russian cities during his some internal issues with Russian presidents and other rivate military contractor tensions. Putin is losing a big chance from top military groups of Russia with 50K+ para commando, Wagner groups are now doing something aganst Putin & Its army who forces live in country lockdown despite UkraineRussia war & recent attack in Moscow from Ukrainian. Putin said, Wagner was a mistake to trust on them because they understand Wagner rebellion was a ‘betrayal’ of russian federations history.

A new coup is happning in Russian amid a top Wagner Group backed by Putin is now going to make some big things against Russian President. Wagner groups was a top mercenary group to work for anyone in world’s top countries, Putin or Russian paid millions to fight against Ukraine but now that Russian Wagner Group against the Putin and its soldiers.

The Wagner Group said, Civil War in Russia officially begun against Putin & Its Russian army to control the areas as a calling of Russian peoples. There are has two major explaination, First Putin think NATO funded to Wagnar & Wagner thoughts Putin are shows more aggresion against the Russian civilians.

Russians are already has existing issue within the war between Russia & Ukraine as Economy, War, Food Issues, Civilians issues & etc everything in hand of putin has a risky and terrible presents to where they won’t defeated Ukraine. and other hand Putin face a new challenges from Wagner Group and other mercenary groups issues with Putin’s Army.

In 2014, Russian Private mercenary Wagner group supported & helped the Ukrainian peoples to support Russian federation in Easter Ukraine after end of wars between Russia & Ukraine in Crimea to make next Ukrainian region to became a russian territory.

In the list of top Top private military contractors has 1st is G4S (UK), 2nd is Alliedbarton (USA), 3rd is Wagner (Russia), 4th is KBR (USA), 5th is Academi (USA), 6th is CACI International (USA) & 7th is Control risks (UK) in top Private contractors in 2023. Wagner Group says There is not Respects for us than Russian Army about fighting against Ukraine and no military aids for Wanger Groups than Russian soldiers and too said they not want any coup in Russia but they want a justice from Russian government.

Putin just said those are ‘armed rebellion’ going to be punished by our Russian soldiers from their fighting honours. The Wagner captured various areas of Russian to challenge the putin’s empire. Putin too said, The Russian army trying to continuously save the Civilians from this rebellion wagner group.

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