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Why is Epstein Island becoming a new political issue in the US and Europe? : US Election 2024

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Currently, big names and other major developments in US politics are happening around Epstein Island in the US but few people believe that Epstein Island has become the biggest problem for politics, education, and a successful person. Some other US social media influencers want that no big man or powerful politician should get a visit permit to Little Saint James (Epstein Island). Epstein Island is known by the names of ‘Little Saint James’, and US Virgin Island on the map but where is the real ‘Epstein Island’ and why is there such a big fuss just by the name? – On one hand, Epstein Island is being described in the area of ​​the US and on the other in Puerto Rico, but on the other hand, ‘Epstein Island‘ is being seen in movies and web series. Recently I found out that in other parts of the world, there have been islands with such names as the Panama Papers for years, and now Epstein Island has also been named after celebrities scientists, and members of royal families. Some people believe that Bill Gates had asked Israel for a list of all the people who had visited Epstein Island and had also said that if Israel gave him that list, he himself could come to Israel. Many people believe that Bill Gates’s news is fake, but some people like Epstein Island are going on in US politics.

Why are top investors and richest people paying the biggest money for Epstein Island?

It is also being said that if Israel or other big Jewish businessmen in the US gave the list of visitors to Epstein Island, they could give them so much money that all the wealth in the world would be worth less to them. They have not yet found out where Epstein Island actually is because it is being said that the names of top US banks, Assets Managers, US Politicians, and many people are being said there. Although it has not been confirmed which people have visited Epstein Island in the US list, it seems that Epstein Island could become a new issue in the 2024 US elections. Till now people have been saying that there is such a thing or place like Epstein Island but till now it is not known what exactly happened on Epstein Island and why many people have fears about mentioning the name of Epstein Island in the list. We have never seen anything like this before in other US FTX cases, but in the FTX case, Sam Bankman Friend, at this stage, did not know how many people would be named on Epstein Island. It could have different names Epstein Island and even name it like its owner liked to call it “Little St Jeff”. The locals called it “Paedophile Island”.

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