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web player spotify adds new song to supasss all song with Ozuna, Kim Petras, DJ Snake, Miley Cyrus, LISA & BLACKPINK girl group

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The World’s top Online music player Spotify added in new list of top songs of LISA, Ozuna, BLACKPINK & Meghan Thee Stallion who uploaded their songs into Spotify & YouTube to perform Videos Quality on YouTube & Sound’s original quality on Spotify. There are Spotify has millions of songs to make singers, artists, creators & musicians life with new thoughts of quality sounds, music streaming, upcoming music & achieve millions of Followers from Spotify who listening your songs & your musics.

Before launching YouTube or making videos or investing on that songs who they made at their studio with lyrics, guitar & some music, they want to publish that song to Spotify to recieve the opinions of listeners. Top singers & Musicians like OZUNA, BLACKPINK, LISA & Meghan Thee Stallion are has a new value in Spanish & English mixed songs in Spotify to surpass other top song’s value in the list of Spotify.

These SG, MONEY, LALISA has top value in the Artist, category & shuffle music, top surpasss top songs on Spotify with top artists like Ozuna, BLACKPINK & LISA with korean, Latin America & Asian singers. ‘SG‘ song became the 8th most streamed song by a K-pop female soloist & female of Latin American with United States. In the list of top songs like TAKI TAKI, Blinding Lights, Shape Of You, Despacito & Calm Down has became top streamed songs on spotify to reach the global rank on Spotify.

By the way, Ozuna, BLACKPINK, LISA, BTS & K-pop’s songs are surpassing everyday old songs on Spotify to record a new reach of listeners in K-Pop & Latin American Shuffle songs. Spotify adding new songs in the top categorized song which listening from early 1 year as a top positions.

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