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US sends B52 bomber & B-1B Lancer at Red Sea to counter Houthi: Yemen War

Will Houthis shoot down US B-1B Lancer and B-52 bombers?, Houthi Vs Yemen, US sends B52 bomber & B-1B Lancer in Red Sea, Suez Canal and Sea of Aden, Yemen War, Israel Hamas VS Houthi?,


Currently, the US has started sending big Aircraft Carriers to the Red Sea and it seems that the US can also send big Fighter jets and Strategic weapons. because the war of the Red Sea is important for the economy and politics of the big countries of the world. Because currently the US and its friendly countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, NATO, and many countries of the Middle East have already said that they want to end the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. Currently, there is a possibility of significant losses for Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and China due to the ongoing war in the Red Sea because almost 60% of the world’s transportation takes place through the Red Sea and Suez Canal. So now it seems that Japan, China, France, and the top exporting countries have decided that they can start a new war with Houthi. Due to this big problem of Houthi and the US, will the government and army of Yemen support the US and Saudi? – Are the Houthis the only ones who will retaliate against the US? – This question is of great concern to everyone.

Can the Houthis shoot down US B-1B Lancer and B-52 bombers?

In such a situation, there is also global pressure on the US how can it deal with Houthi because if Houthi has the ability to destroy America’s B-1B Lancer and B52 bomber then it will prove to be a Global Economic Crisis for America, and Houthi Not only will it be very difficult but it will also be impossible. Apart from the B52 bomber and B-1B Lancer, the US also has weapons like the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber but the Houthis are successful in shooting down aircraft like the B52 bomber and B-1B Lancer. Because B-2 Spirit stealth bombers can also fly in long-term war. In any case, there will be no benefit to the US in this war because only the US will be affected By increasing dominance and powers. For the rest of the countries, attacking Houthi is like falling into the grip of another proxy war. The US now wants to pull UAE, Saudi, and Oman to its side in the Arab World by bombing Houthi positions in Yemen, but it will be very difficult to normalize the ArabUS friendship due to the Israel-Hamas war.

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