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US halting Defense aid to Israel amid Iran, Saudi, and US talks on the future of Palestine : Iran Nuclear Deal

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Currently, US Secretary of State Blinken’s Israel-Arab tour has started in it is possible that Saudi security officials now want to have peace talks with Iran regarding Palestine or a Two State Solution. Because now Iran can play the biggest role in the war going on between Israel and Gaza. because if Arab-US does not talk with Iran then it seems that there will be longer conflict between Israel-Gaza, Hamas, and Houthi or There will be no ceasefire. Because as of now it seems that the Arab-Israeli visits of US officials will continue because the US wants Arab countries to side with the US and Israel until Arab countries consider Iran a bigger threat than Israel. Or US will continue to face all kinds of diplomatic, political, and economic rejections from Arab countries including UAE, Saudi And Jordan.

Why US-Iran talks through an Arab-US visit is important?

Because the IsraelHamas war has been going on for 2 months, even US and Arab countries do not feel that there is a possibility of stopping the IsraelGaza war, the US elections, Russia’s dominance in Arab countries increases China’s currency swap increases. The US may cause considerable damage to USD in the future. Now it seems that Iran has surrounded the US and Arabs from all sides. Now as much as Israel is important for Arab countries, friendship with Iran is also important for US-Arabs. because now Iran in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Iran is the only option eliminate to Hamas, stop Hezbollah, and start a movement of ships on the Red Sea. So I feel that the US and Europe, which are supporters of Israel in the present situation, can now end all economic, defense, and aid routes with Israel. and Iran is not angry at the US but the US’s defense support. Due to economic support to Israel, Iran has become the biggest enemy of the US.

Why did the US ban Defense, Economic, and Political aid to Israel in 2024?

The US is not only helping Israel but is also protecting Netanyahu’s position in the Middle East and Iran wants a coup in Israel to end the Israel-Gaza war. All Iran cannot achieve anything after supporting Hamas but support of Hamas is necessary to eliminate Israel and carry out a big coup. All the countries around the world have also appealed to the International Justice Of the Court against the mistakes made by Israel’s PM, so sooner or later, after the war ends, Iran will continue to wreak Netantahu at the international level. And all this means that Israel’s PM does not want to stop the war and Iran won’t also be stopped from colliding with Israel-Gaza to completely destroy Israel because if Arab-Israel is united then there will be no future for Iran. Because Iran does not want IsraelArab normalization because they can stop this opportunity to show powers to Israel in the Middle East and instigate Arabs against Iran.

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