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US, China, Russia (Luna 25), Japan & UAE interested in the Chandrayaan-3 soft Landing technology of India

Indian on Moon, Chnadrayaan3 failed or Successful?, Chandrayaan-3 soft Landing technology of India, Top countries landed on moon before india, Israel make space program to become 5th country to land on moon, ISRO, Russia & United State interest in ISRO space programs, Lowest budget moon landing country.


The world’s first MoonLanding at the South Pole of Moon first time from Indian scientists to increase the global intention and soft landing creativity in India’s Third mission of the moon with Chandrayaan-3. Recently, Russia’s top mission after 47 years of Luna 25 got crashed into Space during fast movements into the Moon Spin from Earth to the area of Moon.

Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2 got failed, and Chandrayaan-3 going to make a new history of Spaces with the special status of India.

India’s top programs for Moon landings also crashed in the past three recent missions with Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2 got failed but Chandrayaan-3 made the best days to land on the moon with new technology, spaces programs, and learned from the early mission and Chandrayaan-2 to make a new engine, orbit, and spaceship project with friendly functions advanced or backup to Vikram Lander. Russia ties with China’s Space program to take a fast landing on Moon with fewer days to leave Earth and enter the Moon areas.

Top countries are going to make a joint landing on Moon after Luna 25 crash.

Top countries helped Chandrayaan-3 to land with a soft landing ISRO and Japan, Russian orbit, and Lunar technology helped the Indian Space program to make a successful story of India’s moon mission with a soft and slower landing and monitor the moon’s landing areas of South Pole with a new history of Strategic lancing on Moon with soft and South Pole of Moon. if Chandrayaan-3 got a successful story in their milestone of the Moon to attract the world’s top space agencies to make the new moon landing with soft landing programs to get a successful journey of the Moon, Mars, and other planets.

When is Chandrayaan-3 going to land on Moon?

ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 is Set to land on the Moon Today at 6:04 PM IST on the moon with a dropping in speed, soft landing, and space fires of additional engines. Chandrayaan-3 Landing on the moon is a special status of India which is the first country on earth to land the Vikram Lander (Lunar) & deploying a Rover technology on the South Pole of the Moon. The Soviet Union, the United States, and China are the three countries that first landed on the moon before India and all the coming space program agencies. The Chandrayaan-3 become world’s most cheapest space program soon to land on the moon than the USA, Soviet Union and China.

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